Three kind of physical activity that can reduce your stress

Exercise not only makes your body fitter and avoids the onset of disease, it can also help reduce stress. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) in collaboration with the American Psychological Association (APA) points to the fact that exercise, especially aerobics, is effectively able to help a person deal with stress.

Exercise is a healthy behavior that can help a person to cope with stress and become a method to build the body's resistance to disease. Exercise can relieve mild depression, elevate mood, and help someone to act calmly.

Exercise should be done with mild exercise such as gymnastics, jogging, or just walking in an open space. This method will make the body become fresh.

Even so, exercise must still be carried out in a balanced manner. Because, too much exercise can also weaken the immune system.

Excessive exercise will cause the body's immune cells to also experience fatigue because the body's immune cells take about 6-24 hours to regenerate before being able to reactivate.

To help relieve stress, do light and recreational sports. The following types of exercise are recommended:

1. Aerobics

Perform 30 minutes of aerobic movements regularly for 5 or 7 times a week. Aerobics is believed to be able to boost positive feelings in the body.

2. Yoga

This sport is proven to train harmony between exercise for physical and mind focused. Yoga has several models, shapes and intensities. Some experts recommend Hatha yoga, as a yoga model that is suitable for relieving stress because the movements are easy to do and in low intensity.

3. Recreational exercise

Tennis, badminton, volleyball, or swimming are just a few examples of fun sports. In addition to not draining exercise, it also does not stimulate the rise of adrenaline or other hormones that will actually increase stress.

To be more effective in relieving stress, you should not do sports close to the scope of the office. Even though your office has sports facilities, a busy work atmosphere is still felt.