Things That Can Inhibit Muscle Growth

Many of those who diligently visit the gym still don't get the desired muscle growth. The targeted muscles will never form

Yes, many factors cause this to happen. Starting from your wrong training technique, to your unhealthy diet.

Here are five mistakes you might make, so that your muscles don't get sculpted perfectly.

Lack of Listening to Your Body

Indeed, discipline is one of the most important elements that you must fulfill to build your muscles.

Yes, one of them is by following the training program you created.

That's the reason why you keep doing the exercises even though your delts and tricep arms are still sick due to shoulder exercises yesterday.

The pain is indeed a good effect in indicating that the muscle is reacting due to the pressure we put through weight lifting.

However, that does not mean that you have to force it to practice and receive a series of strenuous training.

This is what can make muscles have no chance to change their mass. So that makes you fail to get the ideal body that you dreamed of.

If you want to form a 'super' body complete with its forming muscles, it is important for you to listen and obey your body's requests.

That is, if you still experience pain in certain parts of the body after the exercise you did before, then stop doing the exercises in a few days.

There is a time for you to give the body a chance to rest completely and heal itself.

Only Focus on One Part of the Body

Indeed, forming part of the bicep and sixpack is a priority body part that you must first train. That is what most men do who decide to do the exercises.

This is because, both parts of the body are so proud because they can increase confidence. However, that does not mean every day you only focus on the bicep section.

What's more, you do it using a single-joint movement. Single joints themselves are exercises that only involve one joint and certain muscles.

For example, like bicep cur, lateral raise, and many others.

If you only rely on these exercises, then you can be sure the formation of body muscles will not be evenly distributed. That is what will make muscle formation run slowly.

That is why you have to switch to muti-joint movements. Yes, multi joint types of compound movements involving many joints and muscles in doing so.

For example, like Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, Chin-up and many others.

By switching to using multi-joint exercises, you will quickly form parts of the muscles as a whole.

You also have to remember, that your body has its own way of building muscle.
You can't arbitrarily order to form certain parts of your body.

The body that regulates and decides which muscles will form first.

Does Not Align the Muscle-Mind for Muscle Growth

Maybe you won't believe that thoughts can affect muscle development.

Yes, this is related to suggestions that you believe are related to thoughts that can affect your muscle development.

If you believe that every exercise with good quality will make your muscle contract and make it bigger, then you have to believe it.

For that, learn to really focus on the muscles, and enjoy every movement when you do the exercises.

Then look, you will find an amazing muscle size

Less controlled diet

There are times in one week, you free a full day to escape from your diet program.

Yes, only a few people do it with the aim of avoiding boredom in carrying out their diet programs.

This method is indeed a little vulnerable for you, it is likely that you will be out of control in eating food menus that you cannot eat while on a diet program.

That is why, when you are on a diet, there will be a revenge mission to enjoy a food menu that you cannot eat every day.

Moreover, even the portion you eat will be more than usual.

So to overcome this, you can change your diet habits. It's better if you don't limit the food you eat.

Follow your appetite, but still with a smaller portion. That way, curiosity will suppress your appetite.

So, there will no longer be a revenge mission to eat a menu that you cannot enjoy while on a diet program.

Excessive Cardio Exercise Stimulates Muscle Growth

There is no exercise as good as cardio for weight loss.

However, there are times when you also add cardio for the purpose of forming muscle mass. Provided, as long as you do it without excessive.

That is because, excessive cardio training can reduce the resultant generation capacity of your energy.

Thus, you will not have enough energy to produce growth hormone stimulants when you do weight training.

That is what will encourage your muscle growth to grow, for that you need energy to make it happen.

Therefore, if you want your muscle growth to be greater, then do weight training.

Quoted from, too much cardio can also reduce your testosterone production.

Men who have low testosterone levels tend to have body fat. However, you don't need to avoid this exercise. Only, do it appropriately.