The ideal frequency to do exercise in a week?

How many times do you have to exercise in a week to get maximum results? Read this article and you will find the best way.

What do many people do when they want to shape their bodies to look more stocky and muscular? Surely the first shadow is to do weight training in the gym.

Likewise if people want an ideal slim body, exercise or exercise is the main key to making it happen.

Whatever the goal, training is one aspect that must be fulfilled in addition to maintaining a diet, rest, and supplementation (if necessary). So if your resolution in 2018 is to want to have a better body shape, then plan to start practicing regularly.

Of course, the results might not happen overnight or just one exercise. But it takes extra effort to get the desired body shape.

Is there a benchmark or basic reference to how many times a week to get significant results? To answer it, read this article until it's finished and find out how the frequency of the exercise is for your program.

Exercises Are More Often Results Will Be Increased Faster?

how many times in a week

If it is analogous, the subtitles above are not wrong. Practicing regularly will speed up your fitness goals. Maybe some of you will interpret that, "Then just keep practicing every day to get results quickly".

Wrong. Not that simple.

To put it simply, will your daily activities only be filled with practice and training exercises? Absolutely NOT. You also have other activities such as studying, working, family, traveling, and so on. This indicates that your time is also not much to practice weight lifting in the gym.

Exercise is still a priority when you want an ideal body shape. But this means not training is more than everything.

In addition, exercises that are continuously carried out without pauses can actually damage your program. Remember, the body also needs rest time so that the muscles recover quickly and develop. Because basically the muscles develop not during exercise, but when you rest.

That is why one aspect of achieving goal fitness is to have enough rest. Then how many times do you practice in a week?

How Many Training Times a Week According to Research Results

Actually there is no definite benchmark how many times a week should be practiced. This is because for example it is made the same, but the results that exist in each individual may be different. Some of the things that cause it include aspects of diet (nutrient intake), rest periods, and supplementation.

According to a note from, the results of the study show that adults who practice one or two times a week are difficult to see. However, if done at least three times a week, the difference will be seen.

However, results in adults are different in the category of adolescents. In the category of adolescents it is stated that training twice a week will show significant development.

From the results of the research above, it was concluded that there was a "sweet spot" frequency in practicing weight. That is at least 2-3 times a week. This schedule itself can be flexible and can be adjusted to your other daily activities. But keep in mind, after practicing hard, you are also advised to do deload week or make a full recovery within a certain time.

There is nothing wrong if you can only practice loads as much as 2-3 times a week. Some studies also say that this is a sufficient (minimal) amount for most adults.

So the point is, you better try to practice lifting weights at least three times a week. Even if the time you can use to practice only twice a week, you will still get the benefits. Which of course this can help realize your fitness goals.

However, there are some points recommended for those of you who practice frequency 2-3 times a week.

1. Perform Full Body Workout
Because the less time you have, then choose a super intense exercise. Like practice with the full body workout method.

2. Focus on the Movement
This is so that you focus on the movements you do, not on the muscles. Every training session, do exercises that train your muscles a lot. For example with bench press, row, pull up, or military press exercises. Also make sure you exercise compounds such as squats, deadlifts, and single-leg exercises.

3. Change Movement every 3-4 weeks
Your body will adjust or adapt to a particular exercise program for some time. Therefore, make sure to keep your body challenged with new movements, change sets and repetitions, to reduce rest time between each set. This will make your body challenged to go beyond the limits that are good for muscle development.

4 Rules if You Practice Over 3 Times Load in a Week
Of course if you have enough time, you can add your training schedule. Can practice 4 times a week. This is a great way to speed up your goal in body building.

However, there are some recommendations that are good for you to do if you can practice on this frequency.