Tacfit Warrior Workouts - What's Special About Them?

In this review I'd like to talk about an interesting fitness plan I've learned about recently: Tacfit Warrior.

The Tacfit Warrior program was created by two men: The first is Scott Sonnon, a known fitness trainer of soldiers, martial arts fighters, and law enforcement officers. The second is Steven Barnes, an author, black belt holder, and a mental coach. Barnes actually coached Sonnon in preparation for a martial arts contest.

The core of this program are the workouts. Scott Sonnon created a variety of full body workouts, all shown in videos, which you do 3 - 4 times each week. Each workout is 30 minutes or less in length and includes a variety of exercises that train your entire body.

The focus is on physical ability, functionality, movement, fast recovery, and endurance. You're going to turn your body into a fitter, more capable machine, similarly to what a soldier needs to do in order to get ready for combat.

Unlike gym exercises which are focused on getting you to look better, the Tacfit Warrior workouts focus on functionality, about being able to actually be stronger, faster, and have more endurance. You do sculpt your body in the process but this is not the goal, simply one of the great symptoms.

The Mental Side of Tacfit

Up till now, I've talked about the physical aspect of this program. There is also a mental training aspect to it.

Being strong and fit isn't enough. You have to be mentally fit as well. This is the part of the program that Steven Barnes is in charge of. Steven Barnes is an author and a martial arts fighter. In fact, he hold 3 black belts. He has also researched various mental improvement methods that allowed him to coach Scott Sonnon for a bit martial arts contest in which Sonnon won a number of medals.

These mental fitness methods will help you to have greater focus, motivation, will power, and determination. This may not only help you in your fitness process but in other aspects of life as well.

This part of the program may appeal to some more than to others. I'm not sure I'm into all that mental stuff myself, though some people I admire do pay a lot of attention to the mental aspects in their own life. It's up to you to decide.
In Conclusion

 I believe that Tacfit Warrior can help you become stronger, leaner, and enhance your physical capabilities. The workouts will prove challenging even to those of us who train regularly. This isn't a fat loss program although you will likely burn lots of fat with these workouts.