Tacfit Commando is your complete and also your comprehensive guide

I think that’s it.  Needless to say, TACFIT Commando is quite comprehensive and includes everything you could possibly need to succeed with a new training program.

Overall, I definitely give TACFIT Commando my stamp of approval.  After all, this program is essentially everything I preach, minus the dumbbells/kettlebells and plus some seriously challenging “special op” bodyweight exercises that I’ve honestly never even heard of before.

The system contains 3 months worth of missions (workouts) and each mission has 3 different levels, making it usable by pretty much any fitness level.  But I have to admit, even the beginner level (called “recruit level”) workouts were humbling for yours truly.

To me, that’s a good thing – I like to be challenged and enjoy kicking my own ass with the goal of ‘conquering’ a certain level and being able to step up to the next; for others, who don’t like a good challenge and who’re unable to dig deep and push themselves during workouts, this wouldn’t be the best program for you.

Remember, any program that is shorter in duration can only work when intensity is applied.  You’re not going to lose fat by ‘dogging’ a fifteen minute workout.  TACFIT Commando is no magic bullet, and doesn’t claim to be…so please don’t purchase this training system if that’s what you’re after.

Additionally, if you’re not into the whole special ops theme that the material is presented in, then TACFIT Commando is definitely NOT for you.

But if  you’re looking to sculpt a ripped James Bond-like physique and have the athletic and performance abilities to back up the bod…and if you’re willing to push yourself to new limits and practice great discipline with a fresh new program that’s unlike anything you’ve ever tried before…then TACFIT Commando may very well be the yin to your yang.

I’ve always admired and looked up to guys like Navy SEALs, MMA fighters and other real-life badasses who possess ridiculous performance abilities…and have a calendar-worthy body as a result.  You’ve heard me say time and time again that the best way to transform your body is to start training to get stronger, run faster, jump higher, recover quicker, etc…and stop training to lose fat and build muscle.

In other words, switch your mindset to adopt more of a performance-based focus and a stellar body will become an unavoidable side effect of this ambition.  TACFIT Commando is built around this exact principle, which is pretty damn cool if you ask me.  So if you think you’ve got the cojones to train like some of the world’s most dangerous guys, I suggest you man up.

As a proud new partner of the TACFIT Commando program, who’s already tested out the entire system and verified it’s legit…I’m going to reward my readers who take action.

Hope you find my article about TACFIT Commando helpful and I look forward to hearing about your success stories.