Tacfit Commando is a smart workout created by Scott Sonnon

When people ask us regarding Tacfit Commando workout from coach Scott Sonnon, as a fitness enthusiast, i must admit if the program is worth a shot, and worth to join in.

In fact, this tacfit training is cheaper than P90 X and other fitness program you can find online. In case you missed it, inside this program you can get  calendar, eBooks, manual and downloadable video series. They are easy to follow, especially for those who are used with training routines.

Just like soldiers in real life, your workout is going to feel like running a mission. Furthermore, when you are running a big mission, you should get a cleat and big goal, and you also need a reliable leader. In this case, you can rely on Scott Sonnon to help you get better muscle and better body, even though this tacfit is not pure a bodybuilding program, the Tacfit Commando system is still recommended for men.

"Tac" in Tacfit means tactical and smart. Yes, tacfit teaches you the smart, effective workout with using your own bodyweight thus you can get push your body to a whole new maximal level.

Tacfit Commando and our verdict is: this system is unique and it involves real movements and real training as well as standard workout by the people who are interested to running martial arts activity as well as soldier and military training.

We should say thanks and big kudos to coach Scott Sonnon due to his hard work making a tacfit program with strong foundation and the system he made and is not just "another online fitness program" that is just collected from standard cardio training into a package. 

Unfortunately, like the other products i reviewed before. This Tacfit Commando is not 100 percent perfect (no fitness program is perfect to be honest). According to a Krav Maga trainer i read online, the problem with this tacfit system is its overhyped marketing, which is weird considering how good this training product is. The official site of the program says a lot of stuff about military and training like a soldier, while you can get them free by browsing them on search engine. Apart from that, nothing can deny that tacfit is one the best training you can find out there because they are easy to follow, and because their intensity.