Tacfit Commando is not a bodybuilding program!

We know you’ve been searching for some information about Tacfit Commando program, and you probably realized that it’s hard to find any reliable information about this quite rare product. That’s why we decided to write this Tacfit Commando review.

In this review you will be read all about this particular product – good and bad sides, and our thoughts about it. In the end you will be able to decide, whether it could be useful for you or not.

First of all, what is Tacfit Commando?

It is unique, top quality bodyweight training that is aiming for high performance – strength, agility, endurance and explosive power.

And 2 main keys for obtaining all these qualities are Sequential Summation of Forces (SSF) and of course Stored Elastic Energy(SEE). You hear about these for a first time? Don’t worry, everyone will benefit from that program; we will get to that later.

SSF is what makes explosive power. SEE on the other hand, is the ability to redirect force, and absorb it. It is essential for great balance, swiftness and muscle endurance.

But in simple words, this program is not a bodybuilding program. And while it will greatly improve your looks, the most significant changes will be in your performance and health. It is designed not just for good looks, but also for high-end performance of a real soldier.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Few words about creator. Tacfit Commando was created by Scott Sonnon. Actually, he is one of the several best Special Force trainers in the world. And these aren’t just words, he dealt with US army, Navy Seal Officers, even with Israeli Counter-Terrorism Units and many others.

But the most important thing that we should reveal in this Tacfit Commando review is the approach of this system.

The best part of it, that you don’t need a lot of time, and you can perform workouts anywhere, without ANY equipment! Surprised? Usually, it takes around 20 minutes to perform the workout, but it is very intense and hardcore.

Another important thing is that exercises are demonstrated by Scott personally, and each and every exercise is demonstrated on video, not in pdf document or screens. All workouts are already planned for you, and you just need to work on it. And don’t worry about difficulty. System provides workouts for different levels of performance. There are 3 levels, and a lot of you should be able to complete at least first one.