Tacfit Commando definetly got our priority for training

Anyways, at this point I’m thrilled that the program is based around almost the exact same training philosophy that I preach to all my readers and, even on a Sunday morning, their customer service was outstanding…BUT, was the product any good and was it worth the money?  It was my mission to find out…

And speaking of mission, in case you hadn’t noticed by the name of the product, TACFIT Commando is based around the exact same training methods used by special ops personnel, SEALs, bodyguards, MMA fighters, firemen, etc.  The first thing that struck me about this program when I started tearing into it was the uniqueness.  Instead of reading about exercises and workouts, the manual lists tasks and missions.

I was doing some market research for my Inner Circle coaching program the other day, when I stumbled upon this bodyweight workout system called TACFIT Commando.  Being the nosey guy that I am, I started reading through their sales letter to see what it was all about.

Of course, I assumed it was going to be yet another half-ass fitness program put together by some uneducated meathead who claims the product will transform you into a lean and ripped hunk/hottie without having to invest any effort whatsoever.  In other words, I thought TACFIT Commando would be a typical ebook that lacked in quality and over-delivered in hype and ridiculous claims.

However, the beeping noise on my internal BS radar began to slow the deeper I got into the sales copy.  As I continued to read, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the principles this bodyweight training program was based around mirrored almost exactly the same philosophies I preach to you guys every day here on this blog.

When I got to the end of the sales page, I thought:  “I should contact the author and see if he’ll let me test drive this program to see if it’s as good as it sounds.”  So I hit him up on Facebook and within 15 minutes he had given me an all access pass inside the TACFIT Commando program.  Now, I don’t tell you that so that you’ll go and do the same thing.

This program costs money and the fact that I run a blog that gets thousands of visitors from over 100 countries each day is what allowed me to get the free insider’s look (because if I did like the program and gave it a positive shout out, this would be great for team TACFIT Commando).

This special ops theme is consistent throughout.  Oh, and I should mention that it’s not just some make-believe, fancy schmancy theme that was cleverly thought up…the author is an accomplished fighter who trains the aforementioned warriors to handle any scenario they may face in their respective profession (we’re talking about the heroes putting their life on the line for our freedom).

If you’re the guy in charge of training these soldiers, you’ve got my attention.

BUT, would his TACFIT Commando program be appropriate for someone like myself who’s got no military background and who’s biggest career danger is having his computer crash without backing up his most recent blog post?  I was determined to find out…

Sunday night I read the entire TACFIT Commando training manual so that I’d know exactly what the program entails.  Monday and Tuesday I spent much of the day watching all the videos, trying out several workouts and ‘playing’ with the bonuses.