Suspension Revolution's four main parts and its specific benefits

Suspension Revolution comprises of four main parts.

The first part is the 4-Week Starter Suspension Revolution. This is basically a starter program that suits beginners but can be beneficial to veterans too. This part is aimed at warming up your muscles and to prepare them for the more advanced stages to come. At the end of the 4 weeks, you will have woken up muscles you weren’t even aware of. The best part is that you will be burning fat all the while as your muscles get warmed up.

The second part is the intermediate Suspension Revolution where you are introduced to a new set of workouts so that your body doesn’t hit the dreaded plateau. This phase also lasts 4 weeks and provides a new stimulus for your body to burn more fat.

The third part is the longest as it comprises 12 weeks of advanced suspension exercises. In this phase, your body accelerates into full fat loss mode using advanced workouts and suspension techniques. The author warns that you should be ready to smash fat loss records. This phase will also lead to sculpted muscle mass and you’ll start transforming your body into a highly attractive physique. All the belly fat will melt away as your arms and shoulders become well defined.

The fourth part is called Strap Afterburn Finishers. This is the most advanced part of the program where Dan teams up with ‘Mr. Finisher’ to help you get fast results. This part comprises a series of brief after burn finishers to get you the fastest fat burning results you’ve never seen. These finishers are typically recommended after the ‘normal’ workouts or on your rest days.

With this program, it’s hard to go wrong if you strictly follow the instructions. It’s easy to follow and well written for beginners as well as advanced users.

Suspension Revolution is designed to give you steady fat loss while building muscle and stamina. The workouts in this program are truly unique from anything you’ve seen out there. The aim is to use those muscles that are rarely exercises, along with all other muscles so that your body gains the required energy to burn fat. In the end, your body will be burning fat long after your workouts.

Specific Benefits

    Suspension Revolution is a high intense training manual with the main focus on burning fat. If you want rapid fat loss using high intensity training, this is the program for you.
    The program works gradually in stages. You’re not thrown into the deep right off the bat. Instead, the author takes you through stages where you’re gradually introduced to more advanced training techniques.
    It is well written and easy to follow. Everything is straightforward and there are no ambiguities.
    It suits all fitness levels, from beginners to intermediates and advanced users as well.
    It doesn’t re quire gym memberships. As earlier noted, suspension training is based on ropes to create resistance, so you can do these workouts from anywhere.
    It is affordable. Given the quality of the material and what you stand to gain, this program is basically a steal.
    It is one of the most effective fat burning and body sculpting manuals you will get on the market. The numerous positive reviews on the Internet speak for themselves.