Suspension Revolution from Dan Long can complete your TRX training

From the hand and hard work of Dan long, comes the recommended Suspension Revolution training. Though the training is based on from TRX, it is still the best not just for anyone who are used to running TRX, but also to people who wanna do effective training to make an ideal body.

Note that since his suspension is based on TRX method as mentioned above, you do need to use TRX equipment which is you can use at home thankfully. Hence joining gym membership is not required.

Well if you're looking for ideal suspension training to build your abs and muscle then you are in the right place. Suspension Revolution from Dan is a comprehensive and complete training, in fact it is quite easy to follow.

So what's the deal with TRX?, yes, similar to body weight training, in the suspension training you also need to use your own body weight with the help of TRX equipment, strap, or similar tool.

The secret of why Suspension Revolution can help you burn fat faster is by "boosting" your EPOC so your body can still torch the far even after you rest. Plus, you can get better muscle faster compared to the training you do when you're hitting the gym. This is also the same method that uses by Bodyweight Burn created by Adam Steer where the review of the product can be found in this blog. EPOC itself is not a new term in the world of fitness.

The EPOC term refers to when body works at rest time to burn calories. Suspension Revolution does this unusual method because it can stimulate your whole body muscle compared to conventional training in gym. So, that's how the training program works, which is by training your whole body, not just certain part of the body.

Even though Dan's Suspension Revolution is not original, fortunately, we need to appreciate his effort to complete his system with more than 100 unique unique exercise and suspension TRX training combined.

Even better, what makes his suspension guide interesting?, as you can read above, once you get a suitable TRX equipment or strap, you can start to do the training right away, which can save your saving for extended time.

To close this quick article, we can conclude if Suspension Revolution is an ideal, efficient and recommended training system to make your body and muscle better and greater, which also works for both men and women.