Superset training, what is it and what are its benefits?

If you have been actively practicing at the gym, you must have heard the term superset exercise.

Even if you are not sure, maybe you will imagine that the exercise is extraordinarily heavy and will make the body more muscular and muscular.

Of course not entirely true.

If done properly, then this will be very beneficial for the health of your body as a whole, including in body building efforts

What is superset training?

Superset training is a training technique that combines two types of exercises and is done sequentially without pauses between two movements.

Of course, Superset can make your training time more efficient because you only rest after completing two movements.

If you want time efficient in building muscle endurance and metabolic conditions, this technique is perfect for you.

If you usually do a number of sets for the same exercise, if your superset is practiced in two sets and each set of different movements. And this is done without pausing between sets.

An example is if you do cable reps as many as 15 reps (1 set), then you practice bench press as many as 15 reps (1 set). Only after you finish do you rest.

Main Benefits of Doing Superset Exercises

1. More Efficient Time

As previously stated, the selection of superset training is possible for time reasons.

Yes, doing a superset does not take a long time compared to an exercise program that is generally done for one hour.

Of course the selection of this exercise is very appropriate especially if you are busy with various other daily activities.

If you really enjoy this training method, you will feel the same or even better results but a relatively shorter time.

2. Increase Muscle Growth

In addition to time efficiency, superset exercises also play a role in muscle formation.

This is because by practicing superset, it will help increase lactic acid production. Furthermore, this increase in lactic acid will help stimulate growth hormone.

When implementing a muscle building program, the main thing is to keep the body in an anabolic state (forming muscles) and not catabolic (damaging muscles).

With this growth hormone increasing, it will practically help your body in an anabolic state, which means that muscle growth will still occur.

Do I Need to Use Superset Techniques?

One thing that is for sure the reason for using the superset technique is because it saves more time.

But remember, sometimes there are some things that can actually make superset training so it's not optimal.

For example, when on training day your daily activity schedule is very tight. But you still insist on practicing superset.

Of course this will reduce exercise performance because the energy used is not optimal.

Similarly, the selection of force loads. If the load used in training is heavy enough, then it's good to extend the break between the two sets slightly.

Even so with the selection of the movements used in the superset technique. Deciding what movement you can do maximally is that you can determine it yourself.

Before doing a superset, it's a good idea to ask yourself, is it possible to practice bench press with a heavy load and then switch to rows with a heavy load too?
When should you do a superset?

When asked when and how much to do a superset?

This certainly also sees what your GOAL FITNESS is.

If your goal is to increase the size (force load) and power by means of low reps, then the superset feels like it won't match.

This cannot be separated from the consideration of the recovery process.

Lifting a load that is too heavy, then you need to rest enough before doing the next set.

The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) recommends a break of 2-5 minutes for 1-5 reps in more than 85% of your 1 rep max (1RM).

If you want muscle growth through hypertrophy, the cellular process in which your muscles will repair themselves, superset is probably the best choice.

NSCA recommends superset for exercise with 6-12 repetitions at 65-85% of 1 RM, with a 60-second rest period.

Only in short exercises, superset also helps the progress of your muscle formation.

Likewise with those of you who want to do a fat loss program, superset is also important to remember given that it can increase muscle growth.

Do you still remember the basic principle of fat burning? Yes, the more muscle the higher the level of fat burning.