Spend less time to exercise by following Bodyweight Burn

These days’ health matters have been in the light with the ever increasing cases of increased body weight experienced by most people due to the lifestyle we live in thus causing exposure to health complications. We provide to you the best Bodyweight Burn Review program to reduce the health risk in your life.

Bodyweight burn is a program that involves body workouts and nutritious diet to burn fat in the body and build up muscle tissues. We assure you of the success of this program and we provide unbiased information to you our customers. The bodyweight burn program is ideal for people with limited time and also those who cannot afford the services offered in the gyms.

The bodyweight burn program was made by Ryan Murdoch and Adam Steer who is also the authors of “Body weight Blueprint and Body weight Exercise revolution”. It’s a 21 minutes exercise for every day exercise and use of advanced sport science techniques.

In this review we assure you that you will spend less amount of money and time also rather than going to the gym for half the day for workouts as you only need 21 minutes in a whole day to do so at the comfort of your home.

The bodyweight burn is manifested on principles of science. The programs helps you to burn fat in the safest way and the results are effective. The loss of fat is experienced for long term if and only if you follow the procedures.

The bodyweight burn program offers three types of exercises, before that consider to read Suspension Revolution Review :

Cardio flow workout

Cardio flow workouts are a series of the body workouts that are put into one flowing chain of body movements. It effectively helps you lose your fat as the exercises conducted offers high intensity cardio. They are the perfect exercises as they help the muscles rest from the intensive after burn workouts.

The bodyweight burn program offers a flow chart helping you know the next moves to keep in fitness track.

After burn workouts.

The exercise involves interval training beginning from metabolism providing a perfect chance for the body to burn fats and use calories to regain the regular state.

Metabolic muscle workouts

The exercise helps you burn excess fat and significant amount of calories also.

The options available are:

7 minutes muscle workout

3 minutes cool down

3 minutes warm up

Phase one: metabolic base.

The first six weeks focuses on building lean muscle to increase the body’s metabolic base and transforming into a fat burning mode.

Consist of; 2 metabolic muscle, 2 after burns and 2 cardio flow works during the 7 day schedule excluding the last day in the week.

Phase two: metabolic explosion

The second involves the 7th week to the 12th week. Involves high intensive workouts for the after burns.

Involves 4 afterburner workouts, 2 metabolic muscle workouts each week.

Carb-Synch Diet system

It’s designed for the bodyweight burn program. Carbohydrate requirements change each day depending on the type of workout done. Ryan and Adam show you various types of days including: backloead, good carb, moderate curb, low carb, and 24 hour fast.

The program also creates awareness on which foods you should eat including; yoghurt, raw and dry nuts, sweet potatoes, eggs, fish fruits, white rice etc.

Upon purchase of the bodyweight burn program you will access the following;

Body weight burn workout system manual

Carb-synch diet system manual

Video library including detailed video demonstrations of the exercises (download or either online)

Body weight burn exercise manual

Body weight burn wall chart and timetable

Body weight burn printable journals (phase one and two).