Six reasons why your body stops burning fat

Difficulty in burning fat even though it's still a routine exercise and diet? There are no further developments in your diet program? See the answer here.

If you want to lose weight, then the focus that needs to be done is to burn excess fat in your body.

Reducing fat levels in the body as much as possible will make you more confident again appearing in public.

Yes, sometimes the desire to get an ideal body shape is due to the confidence factor.

Even so, of course the health factor is the most important.

After that, focus on burning excess fat by exercising regularly and maintaining a diet.

In some time you may feel that there is a significant development in the diet program you are doing.

But a few moments ahead, you will probably feel that there is no more development.

Weight loss has not happened or the body shape is still the same. Why can this happen?

1. Failing to Burn Fat Again Because It's Too Long Diet

When was the last time you felt satisfied after eating? If you continue to feel hungry, then something needs to be changed.

Your first reason may be the cause of your body failing to burn fat is because it has been on a diet that is too long.

A prolonged diet makes your body experience a decrease in calories.

In hungry mode this can inhibit your body's metabolic rate.

Of course, you consume fewer calories, but also make the body burn less fat, this means that you don't make any PROGRESS.

If this is exactly what you feel, then immediately change your diet method.

Rest and stop dieting for 2-4 weeks. At this time, you don't need to worry too much about the calories in-out.

This will revive your body's metabolic rate.

If you still want to diet, then you should eat more often. That is 5-6 times a day but a small portion.

2. Don't Burn Fat Because It Doesn't Calculate Food Calories

The most common reason that many are difficult to burn fat is because they don't measure food properly.

Say if you are preparing a snack for the night, when the schedule will sleep.

You take peanut butter and add it in greek yogurt. Sounds as a night snack that is quite wise in an effort to lose weight.

But wait, how many spoons of peanut butter are added to your yogurt?

Now two tablespoons of peanut butter are estimated to contain 80-100 calories. If more than that? Of course more calories will enter.

So the big point here is not just to see that the food is 'friends' in your diet.

But it is also very important to measure the amount so you can estimate how many calories will enter your body.

3. Always 'Have Fun' Every Weekend

Of course, the term leak often you hear, or maybe you often feel. Especially when entering the weekend.

Weekends are usually used by dieters to cheat or eat "as much as you like".

Cheating day is intended to keep dieters motivated to continue to diet and get results immediately.

But remember, cheating day that is done should also be at a reasonable stage.

In general, dieters will do cheat days with a ratio of 90/10 percent, 90 percent for diet and 10 percent for cheat days.

But if the ratio is 70 percent when dieting and 30 percent when cheat day, this seems too much.

And in the end often forget that the cheat day you have done has passed the limit.

With the least percentage, your day cheat is still under control. Of course, this will bring you closer to the desired goal fitness.

4. Nothing changes

Sometimes, you may be too complacent after achieving success or development.

However, moments like this should be addressed wiser. That is like increasing the program.

Many experience stuck or even no more development after they feel that the phase of success they have gone through.

It then continues with the same program and wants to feel better results.

Unfortunately, development is no longer visible. How could this happen?

Your body will change in response to your plan. So, you also need to change your program plan.

The leaner the more your body wants to go into starvation mode and will save fuel.

In order to avoid muscle shrinkage due to taking energy from protein, consumption of more carbohydrates is recommended.

Increasing carbohydrate intake can also optimize insulin sensitivity and leptin release, which can help maintain your weight.

5. Rely on Cardio to Burn Fat

Intense exercise inside or outside the gym, is one of the conditions for weight loss to continue and get maximum results.

Nothing wrong with that.

But it will be wrong if the exercise is only focused on certain exercises. Cardio training for example.

Indeed, cardio exercise is a popular exercise for burning fat and is highly recommended to be done in a fat loss program.

But if only by practicing cardio every day? Of course this is not recommended for you.

Lifting weights such as barbells or dumbbells do not burn as many calories as you do if you are doing cardio exercise.

However, weight training can make significant changes to your body.

Not only aims to burn body fat as a whole, but also helps shape the body to become more ideal and lean.

6. Energy is devoted to the gym

Hard training is very necessary. But what also needs to be remembered is, practice with INTELLIGENCE.

When you want to burn excess fat in the body, hard training is the solution.

From that conclusion, you then mean that practicing hard for one hour per day is enough.

This opinion is not wrong, practicing hard for one hour is enough. But if the energy you have on that day is spent only in the gym, what about the other 23 hours that day?

In fact, other daily activities can also help burn calories. For example washing cars, playing with children, walking around the housing complex.

So for example on this day you are practicing with the intensity you can, you can burn 300 calories. On the same day, you can still do other activities and can burn up to 400 calories. The total is 700 calories.

When compared to heavy training as hard as possible (energy poured in the gym), you can burn up to 500 calories. But after that you spend a lot of time lazily (with excuses), and maximum only burns 50 calories. If total is only 550 calories.

Compare with the first case, which one do you prefer?

So the conclusion is that if the exercise is done too hard, then it will reduce the body's ability to burn more fat.