Rest day are important when you're building muscle

In order to build muscle you have to exercise hard? A number of studies actually prove that you are obliged to compensate for exercise time with rest if you want to have stronger muscles. So, if you have been training hard all this time but the results have not yet appeared, it could be because you did not spend a day for rest day or rest and did not hang out.

The importance of rest day so that the muscles are stronger

Humans need sleep so that the next day the mind and body become fresher. Likewise with your muscles. In order for the muscles to be stronger and faster to form, make sure that your body gets enough rest.

If you exercise and train your muscles daily without resting, you run the risk of overtraining or excessive exercise. Symptoms include performance during decreased exercise, loss of coordination, headaches, digestive disorders, messy sleep patterns, weakened immune system, and increased blood pressure.

The possibility of an injury during exercise also increases if you have shown some symptoms of overtraining. Therefore, you can not even practice effectively to build muscle.

In addition, excessive physical exercise can trigger damage to muscle fibers due to being forced to work hard every day. This damage is usually characterized by muscle aches or aches. Whereas with rest, your muscles have the opportunity to repair any tissue and fibers that are damaged. So your muscles are more quickly formed and become stronger than if you practice hard every day without pausing.

How long is the ideal rest period?

A study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research in 2011 explained that the ideal time to relax the muscles after working hard is 48 hours or two days.

Previous research in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercises also showed similar results. Resting for one to two days is enough to restore muscle strength.

However, this rest time depends on how hard you exercise every day. Because, the more often and intensely exercising, your muscles will be more adaptable to the pressure so that the rest time needed may not be as much as the beginners.
When do you have to schedule a rest day and don't hang out?

For a beginner who wants to form stronger muscles, you should take a break every third day. For example Monday and Tuesday you are exercising intensely. Rest on Wednesday. Continue with sports again on Thursday and Friday, then rest on Saturday and Sunday.

Whereas if you have often been strenuous exercise, rest at least once a week. But every eight weeks, try to rest for a full week. During rest, you should avoid heavy physical activity, especially those that need muscle strength and endurance.

Make sure you also balance the exercises for different body muscles. Avoid training the same muscle parts (for example arm muscles) continuously for a week without pausing. It is better to interrupt your abdominal or leg muscles. This will provide an opportunity for your arm muscles to rest and grow stronger.