Our experience with trx suspension training

We believe, going over and doing the same exercises over and over again will certainly cause boredom. And, that is also the perfect reason for many people to miss training - often sublimated by using the "busy". Normal. As long as you don't leave it too long. When the boredom of practicing in the gym appears, it's time you are looking for a method or type of exercise that is a little different, but still can destroy your muscle cell tissue and build it with new, more massive muscle cells. One type of exercise is TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise).

Like you, I also experience the same boredom. The difference is, I have a better chance to add a variety of exercises by testing trx suspension exercises. Invitation from Celebrity Fitness, I did not waste. Indeed, this exercise can no longer be said to be a new type of training, but trying specifically accompanied by the TRX instructor is an interesting offer.

Not Lose of Weight Training
A hot afternoon and a long training location, had made me weak, even though the up-beat song's welcome was so intense. Besides that, I also still have the opinion that weight training is still more effective than training that relies on one's own weight like trx suspension which I will be cruel about.

The initial view changed as it entered the warm-up session and entered the initial movement of the core activities. This exercise does not spoil the body at all. Crushed, instead! In the TRX short chest press movement, trx suspension instructor - for example, it is very easy to do. We only need to tilt the body at a 45 degree angle with the hand resting on the hanging rope. In short, this movement is like us doing a push-up just in a hanging position. When I try,it's very draining, man! Not only arm muscles, the muscles of the stomach must "play" also so that the body can be balanced and do it right.

I still had 12 early reps, but when I entered the second set, I was attacked by a feeling of aches in the triceps muscle. Usually a sense of ache appears in the middle of training while doing an intense movement. But, in TRX, two sets in the initial movement have caused a sensation of stiffness.

Not finished there, after completing two sets, Stephany, my trainer asked us to increase our slope. As a result, the burden that we bear is greater because of the tension of gravity. Breath began to hunt. Seeing that we looked tired, this tight-bodied woman actually clawed, That's a good sign, meaning your movement is correct. " "Do not be forced, the important thing is the movement is right, so that the arm muscles of the arm are stronger and growing," he added.

Almost surrender
Indeed, Stefany recommends not to force yourself. But, like a man like you, my prestige seems bigger than my strength. The first set of 12 reps I can pass though with difficulty. But, at the last repetition, the sensation of pain in the abdomen increasingly attacks. My tempo moves also cannot follow the count of reps from Stephany. "It's a mess," I muttered.

Fortunately, other movements focus on other muscles. So, I can still be able to follow the movement. Stephany asked us to do a low row TRX. In this movement, our hands hold a latch with the body's supine position, at a 45 degree angle. Then, pull the body up until the latch touches the chest. I can skip two sets, even though the taste is "spicy" in the biceps muscle often. After that, we did the TRX hamstric curl. I was able to get past this movement.

But, once "playing" in the downward movement, the "spicy" taste in my hand was unbearable. At first, you do TRX abs roll, with your legs still hanging on the back of the strap with your body position like the start-up. Then, you pull your legs toward your chest for 12 reps per set, for four sets. After that, without a break, do with side plank stand with the legs hanging on the back for 20-40 plus repetitions four times and pause about three seconds each repetition.

When I set the TRX abs roll initial set, I could still hold the sensation of his sensation - though with difficulty. But, when the second set of TRX abs roll, this movement - which demands abdominal muscles, triceps, biceps and hips - makes the aching sensation that appears at the beginning of the exercise come again. Initially, my triceps muscles were sore, then my stomach trembled violently, followed by other muscles, and finally My body fell. Yes, I'm not strong anymore following the repetition of Stephany. I looked right and left, fortunately not only I collapsed, so I was not embarrassed myself. I have to admit that this practice does not spoil the tub at all