Let's improve your body's muscle with TRX Xtender

Have you tried workout with TRX Suspension Trainer? For those of you who experience problems if your anchor point is too high or too thick, this TRX Xtender can be the right solution.

This TRX Xtender allows you to attach the TRX® Suspension Trainer to high or large anchor points and stand upright like trees and support poles. The Xtender TRX also has a universal connection and a harness system with a perfect armrest and attachment platform.

The TRX Xtender is also very good for keeping the TRX® Suspension Trainer in place. This TRX® Xtender has a length of 37 inches (0.9 meters). If you want to be longer, combine two or more TRX® Xtenders.

This TRX Xtender is very suitable to do suspension training for various types of exercises. You can use it with vertical anchor points and can even exercise in the most difficult terrain and conditions.

This Xtender is made of pure nylon material with a soft and comfortable grip. This high quality TRX Xtender is perfect for any sports or fitness program.

Xtender is available in multiple resistance levels to accommodate the needs of various fitness exercises for your body. Besides being quite lightweight, the Xtender TRX requires small storage space and is easily stored anywhere.

Here are the features that you can get from TRX Xtender:

     Fitness Goal: Body Building, Strength Training, Balance Exercise, Total Body Workout, Formation of Core Muscles
      Target Muscle Area: Core Muscle, Chest, Lower Back, Upper Back, Arm, Entire Body
     Type of Training: Chin-Up Bar, Press-Up Bar, Arm Curl, Bench Press, Pectoral Fly Station, Dips Bar, Pull-Up Bar, Incline Press
     Frame: Steel Material
     Maximum Capacity Weight: 300.0 Lbs (or 136 Kg)
     Dimensions: 1.0 "H x 1.5" L x 5.0 "W
     Weight: 0.3 Lbs (or 4.8 Ounces)