Learn what Tacfit Commando can deliver you

If you are looking at this page then you should have heard of Scott Sonnon and you are looking for a workout that will not only get you in the best shape of your life, but will also help you develop skills that can help in any situation life throws at you.

In this day and age you more than just physical fitness you need to be tactical, and that’s were TacFit Commando delivers.

Tacfit Commando is a full body-weight routine that is considered once of the best fitness routines in the world today by those who know and use it. Groups like the Navy Seals, Secret Service, US federal agents and more.

What makes tacfit commando different is it trains you as if your life depended on it. Why, because you never know when it will.

They just don’t want you looking good they want you to be tactical so you can use that new muscle and energy in any situation.

In this program you will use the same methods flow coach Scott Sonnon is using to train the special forces of America.

These types of individuals need a program that will give them an intense workout in a short period of time that also promotes joint health to keep them injury free.

Scott actually trained for years in Russia with groups like the Spetanaz and secret police. He has packaged all this knowledge into a training program that can’t be found anywhere else.

Special Ops guys have said that this program is necessary conditioning to support battle drills. If this is the type of training special Ops use to keep their guys hard and razor sharp, what do think it will do for you?

It is amazing that we have access to this type of training. Because when you work with the government training special ops groups the last thing they want is for that type of training to get out to the general public.

However Scott made some demands of his own and not only did the government agree to release the training to the public they actually gave testimonials in support of the program.

This program was made to give you a chiseled hard body, energy through the roof, advanced health, and fitness technology that the worlds top warriors are using right now.

Having to be ready for anything in the field, tactical types needed to be able to move quickly into or from any position. You need staying power, a full range of strength, and agility. Also he designed the moves to increase with sophistication as you continue to increase in skill.

The bottom line is, Scott Sonnon has created movements that most trainers wouldn’t be able to develop if there lives depended on it. This allows you to build strength, flexibility, speed, and a rock hard body.

There is so much to do you will never get bored with your workout. Training this way opens your eyes to possibilities you only imagined before, which means you wont be stopping another workout because of the same old tired excuses you have used to stop every other program you have tried.

One thing that the warrior groups of our day know that we don’t is recovery techniques. Well that secret is reveled here. Under the extreme circumstances the Special Forces types find themselves in, puts them under a lot of psychological stress and they need a way to reabsorb the adrenal dump into their systems when something is happening.

You see when someone faces something overwhelmingly stressful their adrenaline will pump out like crazy know as an adrenal dump. That is when you have the fight or flight experience. This program will teach you a technique that will allow you to safely absorb that adrenal dump.

You will learn how to recover your heart rate and breathe faster than an Olympic athlete which causes accelerated recovery so you are ready  for more action in a shorter time.

You don’t need any equipment because this is a body-weight only workout. All you need is enough space to stand up and lay down and you are on  your way.

The routine can be done in less than 30 minutes and will have you burning fat and building muscle that takes most guys over an hour to accomplish the same intensity level.

If you can’t find 20 minutes a few times a week to get the type of training that takes most guys hours then maybe you really aren’t looking for workout.

Last but not least, commando is designed with tactical skills in mind. It incorporates movements that will work in the field and also creates a protocol that will let the operator deal with the biochemical increase that happens in a high stress environment.

Basically you will be trained to keep your head in a crisis while all those around you are coming apart. This is a huge bonus because most if not all other programs don’t know how to train you and make this part of your conditioning.