Learn Tacfit Commando program main highlights

Here are some of the TACFIT Commando program highlights:

—> The entire program is bodyweight-only and can be done without any equipment (hence bodyweight only…duh) and with minimal workout space

—> Workouts are 20 minutes or less and focus on intensity, to get you ripped and able to perform like an elite warrior…in fact, in team TACFIT’s own words (‘cuz this is what grabbed my attention):

“The ideal tactical training program must also target the energy system of crisis response: that means high intensity, three-dimensional movements done for repeated bursts of short duration. 

Fitness—like fighting—isn’t a matter of who can do more, but who can do it more often. It isn’t the one who can go the longest at an easy pace, but the one who can collide, shake it off, and go again who survives.”

—> Each week incorporates functional muscle training to enhance performance, intense fat-burning circuits, complex skills development that equips you for better handling stressful situations, and injury prevention and active recovery sessions that allow for maximum training efforts when called for.

Here’s what you get with the TACFIT Commando program:

—> 124 page comprehensive TACFIT Commando training manual (easy to read, good flow)

—> TACFIT Commando mission calendar (makes following the program idiot-proof…I figured it out anyways)

—> Video exercise library (shows you detailed videos of each and every level of every exercise…very important, as I’ve never even seen most of these exercises before)

—> Secret recovery techniques video series (joint mobility routines and Prasara yoga sequences for optimal warm-up, cool-down, recovery and injury-proofing)

Of course, they hooked me up with access to the TACFIT Commando Deluxe Edition, which includes the following bonuses in addition to everything I just listed:

—> Follow along mission simulation videos (just like I use in the Inner Circle…I think this is key to making sure users are getting maximum benefit from any workout program)

—> Rapid recovery and breathing secrets of the special ops (all I can say is WICKED cool)

—> Tactical readiness diet plan (haven’t looked into this much, as I’ve been too focused on my missions)

—> Warrior recipes book (had the Mediterranean Egg Scramble this morning…delicious.  Lots of other great meal ideas that’ll help facilitate results from the training program)