Learn the main menu from Turbulence Training program

We have noticed that it seems like every week there is a new fitness guru claiming he or she has unlocked the secret.  There are very few people who have actually been around for a long time but Craig Ballantyne is one of them. 

In addition, you may have seen some of his work in Oxygen or Shape magazine. 

“What is Turbulence Training?” So you might ask so we can start by saying that it’s not cardio.  In fact, Craig is anti-cardio in terms of trying to burn fat.  The reason is that cardio does not continue to boost your metabolism after exercise.  But if you combine resistance training with interval training your body will continue to burn fat even between workouts and while you are sleeping.  It is the combination of these two disciplines that kicks your metabolism into high gear so that it is always working to burn fat.  A lot of exercise programs only give you the benefit while you are working out. Then when you stop exercising as with cardio your metabolism slows down and you don’t burn any fat, you actually go back to storing it.

Turbulence Training is a breakthrough in how to really activate your body’s metabolism so that it is working all day, every day.

Here are the basic components of Turbulence Training: the main manual

This is the “meat” of the program, no pun intended.  It does consist of everything you need to know including advice on what to eat.  This Turbulence Training Manual also includes general training and motivational advice.

This allows everyone to benefit from Turbulence Training no matter where you are starting fitness wise.  The Turbulence Training Manual is tons of photos to show you how to do each exercise as well as written description of what you should be doing. Furthermore, everyone wants better abs these days and so as you would expect there is a special section dedicated to abs which can be found inside the program.