Kind of light exercise while you're traveling

Not a few people forget sports routines while traveling or traveling, either because of business or vacation with family. It's fine if you want to give your body the opportunity to "relax" from sports habits, coupled with a culinary tour that inspires you. But be careful, after traveling can actually make your weight rise, you know! So, is there light exercise that can be done while traveling?

Annette Lang, a certified New York trainer, revealed to the New York Times that someone who is traveling can still be active, even in a vehicle. The reason is, there are several types of light exercise that do not need any tools that make it easier for you to exercise.

Well, here are a variety of lightweight sports options that you can do while traveling.

1. Walking

Sitting too long on a plane, car, or train can make the body feel stiff and sore. To overcome this, try to steal the time to take a short walk in the aircraft cabin, the train carriage hall, or in the rest area to straighten the legs.

Yes, walking is one of the lightest sports that can be done while traveling. In fact, walking a few steps can help burn calories in the body.

After arriving at your destination, try to regularly walk in the morning while breathing fresh air and enjoying the scenery around you. Some experts advise you to walk twice a day so that more calories burn.

If you can still reach it, reach the destination of your destination on foot, rather than ride a vehicle. Besides being more economical, this can also make your body stay fit even when you're traveling.

2. Stretching

In fact, traveling with any vehicle is at risk of causing injury to the body. Because, sitting in the same position for a long period of time can cause cramps and trigger blood clots, or called deep vein thrombosis.

To overcome this, do a number of stretching movements to reduce excess pressure on your body's muscles. Your blood circulation becomes smoother and makes your trip more comfortable.

3. Run

For those of you who regularly run, you can still continue this healthy habit while traveling. This is because running is one of the few types of sports and is easy to do by anyone and anywhere.

Enter the most comfortable running shoes into the suitcase and make a schedule for running sports in the morning or evening. For those of you who are on the beach, you can also do barefoot running to provide a sensation of natural reflection in the legs. Guaranteed, the immune system will be stronger and body weight remains ideal.

4. Swim

Many hotels and tourist attractions offer swimming pool facilities that you can use. So, always include swimsuits on your luggage list while traveling.

Swimming is one of the favorite sports for many people, especially children. Swimming exercise can help burn the body's calories while maintaining ideal body weight. Come on, invite your family to travel while exercising together with swimming!

5. Bodyweight exercise

You don't need to bother looking for a gym or carrying sports equipment while on vacation. You can do body-weight exercise to help maintain muscle strength and burn fat. Body-weight training only relies on your own body weight, no need to use additional tools.

Of the many activities that you have designed during your trip, take a few minutes in the morning to do body-weight exercises such as push-ups, planks, or squats.

Do push-ups, planks, and squats 20 times each with a pause of 5 minutes before changing movements. After that, repeat 3-4 times or until you have moved for at least 5 minutes (not including pauses).