Kind of exercise you can do in just 30 minutes a day!

Activity is the main reason for us to spend time exercising. Just hearing the word "exercise" we immediately tired of thinking about commitment and time. In fact, according to research from the University of Copenhagen, exercising 30 minutes a day is as effective as exercise for 1 hour! In fact, study participants who exercise for 30 minutes can burn more body fat than those who exercise 30 minutes longer!

Delicious, now there are many choices of exercise that we can try according to our personality and interests. Various types of exercise below can be a guide to choosing the 30 minute exercise that is most suitable for us!

1. Yoga

If many people say that yoga is just a sport to find balance and not to burn fat, don't listen to them. In fact, yoga, if done regularly and correctly, can burn fat thoroughly and make body shape more beautiful. The more complicated and challenging the pose, the more fat it burns. The key when doing yoga is to regulate breathing properly. Taking a deep and long breath can help increase concentration while doing yoga.

Routinely practicing yoga well and correctly, there are also many benefits for everyday life. In addition to a fitter body, yoga as an all-round fitness can relieve stress, increase immunity, increase energy capacity, improve posture, even improve relationships with people nearby - because in yoga, we are also trained to be more mindful. Also remember that yoga is an exercise that processes together our development. There is no competition here, let alone compare who can do the most difficult movements. Listen to our own body. As long as you practice often, over time, we will feel the benefits, really.

2. Pilates

Pilates is one type of exercise that makes us not move much, but can burn your calories quite a lot! This sport promotes accuracy in moving compared to repetition of movement. Pilates trains several muscles of the body together gently and repeatedly, so we can retrain the body to move in the right pattern.

Pilates is indeed challenging to do, but the benefits are not too much. In addition to a beautiful body, doing pilates regularly can relieve back pain, improve bone resistance, also increase pulse to pump blood. These benefits make pilates the right and effective choice for those of us who don't want to exercise hard or do high-impact exercises.


HIIT, which stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, is a type of sport that is currently popular. Usually HIIT consists of 3 stages: briefs, sports sessions and rest sessions. The ratio of resting sessions applied also varies, ranging from 1: 1 (1 minute of exercise, 1 minute of rest) to 1: 4. In one session, various sports rounds were applied. The key is to exert all your energy and focus during a sports session; so that every movement is optimal.

HIIT has become a popular sport these days because it can be done anywhere without tools, but can show real and fast results in a relatively short time. HIIT can also train the heart to beat healthier. A 2006 study showed that a person can cycle twice as long after doing 8 weeks of HIIT training. No need to buy expensive equipment to be healthy. That is what HIIT promises us who undergo this sport.

4. Boxing

Boxing is one sport that has its own fans. It is a combination of strength, speed, agility, courage and good coordination between hands and eyes; boxing can make us benefit from exercising while channeling stress or anger! Without partners, we can still do this exercise at home with the help of tools.

Evidently, boxing can make the heart and lungs become healthier in pumping blood. The benefits? Can calm down more quickly when experiencing stress, have better sleep quality, to reduce the risk of stroke.

5. Taebo

Taebo is a mixture of martial arts and boxing. The name Taebo itself stands for Taekwondo and Boxing. Not only works for the upper body (arms, chest, shoulders) and lower body (thighs, buttocks), Taebo is also good for core muscles. One of the goals of this sport is to increase the body's functional strength, which is the strength that we use everyday.

This one sport promises a fit body while providing cardiovascular training that is not too intense. Taebo is a great exercise to burn calories. The bonus, we can also learn some martial arts techniques.

6. TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise)

TRX or better known as Suspension Training is an exercise that is done by relying on body weight as a 'tool'. Based on the study, within 8 weeks after practicing TRX, the muscles will get tighter and the heart becomes healthier. Remarkably, this exercise can be done by all people and all ages, from the military, professional athletes, to the elderly.

With this simple tool in the form of TRX Suspension Trainer, we can do TRX anywhere. It feels like having a private gym at home.

7. Micro Gym

With just less than 30 minutes every day, we can get the same results by exercising for 2 hours. This is possible if we choose Micro Gym as an exercise option. MihaBodyTec or EMS machines will direct us to exercise with simple movements but have a big impact.

This sport is popular among urban people who on average do not have much time every day; but want to stay healthy or lose weight in a short time. By developing muscle mass, automatic fat in the body will disappear by itself through Micro Gym.

8. Squash

Don't like exercising outdoors? Squash is the answer. Don't worry if you can't play tennis. This does not mean that we will not be able to play squash - which is like a game of tennis in the room. Opposition to playing squash is just a bouncing ball. Therefore, squash is relatively easier to play than tennis that has opponents playing. If we are comfortable playing squash, we can also play and compete with friends or colleagues.

Squash is just right as an exercise that can help us eliminate fatigue after work. We can vent anger, stress, and emotions by banging the ball with all our might toward the wall. From being a good stress reliever to practicing reflexes, squash has many benefits — not only for your health but also your mental health!