Kind of activity that can make you sleep better

For some people who are busy working, sleeping soundly is a difficult thing to get. "You have to focus on many things to be ready to sleep," said Jaspal Singh, M.D., a doctor who is an expert in sleep in the Carolinas HealthCare System.

First is your nutrition. Second, of course your mental health. Both have a relationship with good sleep quality, Singh said. Nutrition here includes eating foods that contain balanced nutrition, but you should also avoid heavy dinners before bedtime, especially spicy and fatty foods. You also have to pay attention to the consumption of caffeine, such as coffee, soda, and energy drinks.

"Many people don't realize how much caffeine they consume or how long the effects of caffeine work in the body," Singh added. The more you are older, your metabolic rate decreases and the effects of caffeine in the body will last longer.

Mental health itself also plays an important role. There are several exercises that you can do before going to bed to help you sleep faster. Start from visualization exercises that will calm your mind to physical movements that actively make you relax more before going to sleep. Here it is how:

Light exercise that uses body weight

Your body temperature will increase when training and then go back down when cooling, which will help you sleep faster.

Do this: Try doing a few situp or crunch sets. You can combine with the movement of the leg raise to produce tension on your back. You can also do lunge movements. But the key is this: Do it slowly while regulating your breath. Don't let your heart rate rise too high. Do this exercise one hour before going to bed.

Don't forget to stretch to flex stiff joints.

Breathing exercises

"When you do breathing exercises, you want to maintain good posture to get the most benefit," Singh said. Lay on the bed or sit until your spine is straight.

Take a deep breath slowly, do abdominal breathing. This will also help you improve your weight lifting technique in the gym. Focus on filling your stomach with air. Then exhale slowly until it runs out.

Do this: Inhale up to the count of three. Hold up to the second count. Then exhale for four counts. The time to exhale must be longer than when you inhale. The important thing is, do it when your mind is calm and your body relaxes.

Do yoga

You can do any yoga movements as long as you don't do inversion, where your head is below and the other body is above. This will make your body sustain a lot of burden and make you tired, not relax.

Do this: Do a simple movement and keep the posture perfectly.

Visualization exercises

Imagining something will be easier if done while sleeping. It's like clearing your mind by imagining something beautiful.

Do this: You may not realize you are communicating with yourself. Whatever you imagine, as long as it can make your brain more relaxed. no problem. Try to close your eyes, imagine something that makes you happy, like the people you love, the place you want to visit. Stay in that phase until you fall asleep.


Meditation before going to sleep will make your body relax, your mind calmer, making it easier for you to sleep well. Instead, do it one hour before going to bed.

Do this: Turn off all disturbing things in your bedroom. Turn off all gadgets, lights, and everything that is bothering you. Then try sitting on a mattress with a straight back posture. Then close your eyes. Some people prefer to do it while setting meditation music with aroma therapy fragrances.