Is Tacfit Warrior system Really Worth to buy?

With all of the different bodyweight programs out there, it’s a hell of a task sorting through to find what’s crap, and what’s worth it. One of the programs that I had been eyeing for a while is the  program by Scott Sonnon, well in Tacfit Warrior Review you can read more. It struck me as a program that could be really solid and well put together. The site looks good, the logic is sound. As a professional skeptic, however, I was really hesitant to drop the $147 on a chance. Here are a few points to help you make your decision. I’m glad I made mine.

    The Tacfit program has a very strong emphasis on the connection between mind and body. I really liked this, because with most programs you only get one or the other. Some of the greatest and most well known athletes, fighters, etc. of our time (Bruce Lee, anyone?) believed in this connection, and it is crucial to a lasting state of fitness.
    This version of Tacfit is just as comprehensive as the others. You get written explanations and videos for every single exercise in the program. The videos are VERY detailed and very well made. Ever feel like fool when trying to make out what a fitness coach is telling you (or writing you) to do? Not with this program.
    I like the emphasis on space. Tacfit is truly a workout program that you can do with only the space it takes to fit your body.
    QUICK WORKOUTS. Need I say more? Scott Sonnon has put together a very efficient workout program, making the workouts ultra-effective at only 20 minutes per workout.
    I’m a huge fan of the time and research put into the recovery element of this program. What good does it do you if you burn yourself out every workout, and can’t do your best for a week? Tacfit comprehensively guides you through top-notch recovery processes that will keep your muscles ready to go at any time.
    Maybe the best thing about the Tacfit Warrior program is that it revolves around functional “Go” muscle. The routines are built toward real-world situations, strengthening and balancing the muscles you use every day, in crisis and in comfort.
    Tacfit is scalable for anybody. Whether you are young or old, man or woman, this program can be tailored to meet your exact needs and work for you.
    The money back guarantee makes spending the money on this program a LOT less scary. Give it a shot for 60 days, and if it isn’t everything you thought it would be, Tacfit will give you a free refund with no questions asked.

Tacfit Cons (Things that are a little less positive than those above)

    Tacfit is not intended to make you huge. While this wasn’t what I was looking for, keep in mind that this program is geared toward strong, functional muscle. If you’re looking to just get huge, this is not for you. You definitely CAN, however, lose tons of bodyfat and get an awesome looking body. You just won’t bulk up
    The program takes dedication. If you are not willing to stick to the program, this is not for you. It is no magic pill. It can, however, produce great results if you are willing to stick to it.

The Bottom Line

Tacfit Warrior is a great program that can help you master both your mind and body. Given a little dedication, it is possible to have more control over stress, lose body fat and build lean muscle. The training materials are comprehensive, extensive and very very well put together. Looking for a warrior training regimen? Tacfit is perfect for you.