Is a muscular body like a bodybuilder healthier?

Seeing the bodies of actors in action films or superheroes, you may feel amazed at the muscles that are highlighted. Long ago, muscular, muscular body is often considered as a benchmark for male virility. As a result, many men feel the demand to build their body muscles like bodybuilders.

This case is similar to that experienced by women. Women are also indirectly required to maintain a slim and sexy body shape. Then, is it true that the bodybuilder's muscular body is definitely ideal and healthy? Come on, find out the answer below.

Forming a body and building muscle mass is good for health. Body strength and strength become better. In addition, you also pay attention to daily nutritional intake that is good for the body. However, some people can over-form the body. Especially those who work as bodybuilders or those who are very engaged in the bodybuilding world.

Be careful, excessive muscle building is not necessarily healthy for the body. A body that is too muscular and muscular can actually have a negative impact. In fact, if you are obsessed with the muscular body shape of a bodybuilder you can experience muscle dysmorphia.

Know dysmorphic muscle disorders

muscle dysmorphia is a psychological disorder that makes a person addicted to muscle building and bodybuilding. Even though the body has been formed and the muscles are enlarged, people with muscular dysmorphic disorder will continue to try to make their body more muscular and muscular. This is done by doing a special diet strictly and training fitness with sports such as lifting weights.

Characteristics of muscular dysmorphia

Unexpectedly, muscular dysmorphic disorder was found to be quite common in the community. Numerous studies note that at least 10% of bodybuilders around the world develop muscular dysmorphia. Recognize the characteristics of people with the following muscular dysmorphic disorders.

    All-out exercise to increase muscle mass
    Panic and stress if you can't or don't have time to exercise
    Keep exercising despite being sick or injured
    Eating disorders, usually consuming excessive amounts of protein
    Steroid addiction
    Too often mirroring and checking body shape
    Compare his body to other bodybuilders
    Not confident in his body shape and image

The impact of muscular dysmorphia for health

If left unchecked, muscular dysmorphic disorder will have a negative impact on health. One of them is a heart disorder. According to a study in the journal Cardiology, overloading the risk of causing aortic blood vessel rupture. The aorta is the main artery that drains blood from the heart. Tearing of the aorta because of excessive weight training can cause death.

People who are obsessed with muscular bodies may also undergo a strict diet by limiting consumption of calories or fat. With an unbalanced nutritional intake even though the physical activity is excessive, blood sugar can drop dramatically until you lose consciousness. In some cases, excessive exercise that is not accompanied by a healthy lifestyle can also result in death.

One symptom of muscular dysmorphia, namely steroid addiction is at risk of causing hormonal disorders, heart disease, stroke, and liver cancer. So, if you or your closest person has this disorder or is obsessed with the world of bodybuilding, immediately seek help from a psychologist, nutritionist, or doctor.