Hitting the gym vs Bodyweight, which is better?

Which is better in body building, gym or bodyweight? Before discussing more, you must understand what the differences are.

In simple terms, the gym means exercise lifting weights (dumbell and barbell or machine in the gym) with various movements, such as bicep curl, tricep extension, bench press, military press and many other movements. While bodyweight exercise means exercise that only relies on body weight as a burden and does not use dumbell or barbell.

Examples of bodyweight exercise are push ups, pull ups, sit ups, handstand push ups, climbers, jumping jacks, burpee, skipping, running, and so on. In essence, bodyweight excercises are sports that rely on their own body weight as a burden. For example, here's a comparison of bodyweight and gym.

 Exercise at the gym is proven to build muscle faster. This is also because at the gym you can choose the load from the lightest to the very heavy load even if there is. However, if you are doing bodyweight exercise, you are most likely

But, bodyweight has advantages over practicing at a fitness center. Bodyweight excercies make your body's muscles last longer, rather than exercising at a fitness center. I mean, when you are no longer fitness your muscles will easily disappear.

But if you practice using the bodyweight method, then when you don't practice, your body muscles last longer and are still awake. I have proven this myself. When I was more dominant in practicing using barbells and dumbells, the results were faster and faster muscle mass.

However, when it is not trained in just 2 weeks, the muscles immediately shrink quickly. The opposite happened when I underwent bodyweight training.

To form the body's muscles, indeed the method of lifting weights makes muscle mass faster. Bodyweight method is actually also effective in forming muscles. However, in my view, the best method is to COMBINE both. At the gym, it's good if you also set aside time for pull up and push up exercises.

Why is that? This is because sports bodyweight is great for flexing the body. In addition, bodyweight exercise makes the body's muscles last longer. The gym mania usually tends to forget about bodyweight exercise when it's fun gym.

Though bodyweight exercise is an important component in muscle formation and body flexibility. I myself now prefer to combine exercises between gym and bodyweight. And the results are indeed far more effective and beneficial for body flexibility.