Four reasons that can cause overeating

Everything that is excessive should have a negative impact, including when eating. Overeating can be harmful to the health of the body, from triggering obesity, increasing the risk of chronic disease, it can even cause mental problems, you know! Therefore, regulating how much food enters the body is very important. Do you know what causes frequent overeating? And what is the solution?

Here are some of the causes of people overeating

1. Fatigue

Fatigue is one of the causes of overeating that you don't realize. Fatigue due to lack of sleep reduces a person's ability to control appetite unwittingly.

Research from the Preceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that people who lack sleep can eat up to 5% more calories per day compared to people who have enough rest. Often due to eating more at night.

Eventually fatigue can also increase the risk of stress. Further stress can also affect a person's appetite. There are some people who vent their stress on food so he tends to eat more.

2. Too hungry

Too hungry because leaving one meal can also be a cause of overeating. Over time to eat intentionally is usually done to lose weight. But in fact, this actually has the opposite effect.

When the body passes one meal at a time, the body will feel very hungry. When the body is too hungry, the body feels it needs a lot of energy from food to survive. This is why people will tend to eat more alias "revenge".

Research conducted at Cornell University also found that people who skip meals and make their bodies starved will instead take 31% more junk food than people who eat snacks as a precursor when choosing food.

Well, what happens if you eat junk food until you are crazy? Foods that are rich in fat and salt sugar actually make a new problem that is a growing fat pile in the body.

3. Don't focus on eating

How often do you eat while playing a smartphone, watching TV, or playing a laptop? Or even eat while working at a computer? Well, do you know that it becomes multitasking when eating reduces the body's ability to feel the amount of food you eat. This way, how full the food enters is like it doesn't feel and this can be the cause of overeating.

Research shows that eating while watching makes you eat more food and reduce the ability to remember how much food you have eaten. Though scientists say that remembering how much food has been eaten can increase awareness about how filling food is, so this will have an impact on the amount of food consumed next.

4. sugar addiction

In addition to increasing the risk of experiencing obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus, consuming too much sugar can also make you overeat until crazy.

Excess sugar disrupts the function of the appetite control system in your body. In normal conditions when we eat, the body will reduce the hormone ghrelin (starvation hormone), so we no longer feel hungry, and release the hormone leptin so that we feel full and stop eating.

However, when you consume too much sugar, the body fails to suppress the hormone ghrelin (a starvation hormone) and is less effective at removing the hormone leptin (a hormone of satiety). This is what can make a person always hungry and eat a lot.