Five workout movements that can give you "instant" results

Muscle cannot be formed in one instant. However, that does not mean that there is no exercise movement that can make muscles shaped in a short amount of time. Of course, this depends also on how often you do it and whether the movement is done correctly or not. Curious about what kind of workouts that can be done if you want instant results? This is the answer.

1. Resistance bands bicep curls

This sports movement according to Taylor Gainor, CSCS, a sports practitioner at Los Angels can make the arm muscles tight and strong.

The longer you make the biceps stiffen like this movement, the more muscles tighten. After completing this movement, the arm muscles look tighter throughout the day.

The trick is to stand in the middle of the resistance band strap, with the distance of the shoulder width apart, not too tight. Hold the appliance firmly then slowly bend the arm parallel to the shoulder, and then back down again. Keep your body from staying balanced when you bend your arms up. You can easily do it like the example in the picture above.

2. Kettbell swing

Kettbell swing is one of the movements with high muscle work intensity. This movement requires all the activities of the back muscles of the body, such as the buttocks, back and hamstrings.

Therefore, the movement of this sport makes the parts become tighter. Not only does it look tighter, by doing the movement will stimulate the cardiovascular system to work better.

The trick, first you need to stand upright with your legs slightly wider than your shoulders. Then bend your knees slightly when you swing the kettbell. Do it like the movement above.

Swing the kettbell between your legs to soar as high as the chest. Let the kettbell fall back between the legs, and repeat the movement again.

3. Deadlifts

This exercise can make your glutes or butt muscles feel tighter, look shaped, and of course more up, not loose.

Glutes are one of the largest muscle groups in the body and this movement can be relied on to form them quickly.

The trick is to hold a pair of dumbbells or a barbell, while standing with your legs hip-wide apart. Then, the knees are slightly bent. Without changing the curve of the knee, bend your hips and lower the body until it is almost parallel to the floor. See the movements in the picture above.

4. Resisted Bird-Dog

The movement of this exercise involves all the core and buttocks, so after practicing this movement you will feel a difference that looks fast. The pain is certainly certainly felt, especially if you are not used to it.

However, this exercise makes the muscles of the core and buttocks look tighter than before.

The trick, starting from a position like crawling on a mattress. Then straighten crossed arms and legs as shown above. When pulling your hands back and legs back, do it as far as possible.

Make the head position until your tumi is really straight. Make sure you really move the buttocks muscles with full force, and parallel to the body, do not be too down.

5. Man-Maker

Be prepared to get an instant impact from this movement. Although the name is man-makers, it doesn't mean for men. For men and women this movement can be a very magical form.

This movement involves the muscles of your arms, legs, shoulders, and also some parts of your core muscles. Even so, this movement is not easy, but it is comparable to the results, really. Prepare a small towel because your sweat will be very much. Keep the floor from getting wet from your sweat.

How, get ready from your highest plank position. Hold the dumbbell in your right and left hands. Then alternately lift one hand to the side of the chest with the dumbell that you are holding.

The other side of the hand remains in its straight position holding the weight so as not to fall. Position your feet to keep it straight as long as you move your hands.

If it's still strong, intersect the movement in a standing position while lifting the dumbbell straight up.