Five Bodyweight training you can try at home

Bodyweight Exercise has the advantage of not requiring special equipment. Well, here are some bodyweight exercises that you should try.

To get the ideal body, you don't always spend time training in the gym with complex fitness machines. Bodyweight training is a simple exercise using body weight as a burden.

Actor and former world bodybuilding athlete, Arnold Schwarzenegger said that bodyweight exercise helps increase your fitness level with a smaller risk of injury.

Benefits of bodyweight training

• Body is firmer and ideal
• Control your appetite
• Increase Bone Density
• Increase Growth Hormone
• Improve the performance of the Body Hormone System

Pull up

Pull-up is a very effective exercise because it works on several muscles in your body. What's interesting is that all these muscles are visible. So when you pull up, the effect is on the visible part of the body. In addition, pull ups also work on the muscles of the legs (back), arms, shoulders, abdomen, pelvis, and arms.


This is the most basic exercise that works on the muscles of the triceps, delts, and shoulders. Push ups do not have to require certain equipment. Push up is also used as a warm-up exercise before doing heavier exercises.

Leg Raises

This exercise includes the lower body, helping the abdomen. In addition, there are variations such as the bent-leg raises, hip raises and calf raises that can be done to target the hips and calves.


Squats are the main exercises you can do to strengthen your thighs, hips and buttocks. Squat builds flexibility through the lower body to be stronger during heavier exercises.


Sit ups to form the upper abdominal and hip muscles. Although similar to crunch, sit ups have a wider range and help strengthen the thigh muscles too.