Factors to consider in choosing the best workout for you

Exercise is an important need for health and fitness. There are various types of recommended workout that can be done both in gym or at home. However, what kind of exercise, yes, is the most suitable for yourself? Well, there are a number of things that you must consider so that your sports schedule will run smoothly and routinely, and the results will be maximum.

Think about what your goal is to exercise

Before you start exercising, start with what you want to do. Whether for overall body fitness, or focusing on certain muscles, for recovery after injury, losing weight, and so on.

For example, you feel very easy to get tired, just going up the stairs makes you pant too much. Cardio exercise such as running, cycling, swimming can be your choice. The reason is that cardio exercise can spur the work of the heart to pump more blood to all parts of the body.

Or, maybe if you feel you have enough but feel your posture is still not satisfactory, you can add exercise more specifically to muscle formation.

Choose what workout activities you like

Choose activities that you like, not just good for you, but you don't like them. The problem is, if you don't like it, people will easily end their sport because they can't enjoy it. If it's like this, the training schedule can start a lot of holes, the ends are not achieved.

If you are still confused about what sports you want, think back to what sports activities you often do or what you like when you are young. For example playing basketball or badminton. You can start by running the activity again.

Consider your exercise time

Time is also an important determinant of what exercise is right for you. When can you do it, before leaving for work, or after work. Then how much time do you have for each sport. This will all relate to the location of your exercise.

If the time you have for each session is very short, of course don't choose a place that is too far away, choose one that is close, but can be affordable with you every time you exercise. The key is always motivated to get around the time of exercise, and make sports a priority too in life.

Do you prefer to exercise alone or with friends?

This might seem trivial, but this is one of the keys to the success of your sport. When you exercise yourself, can you live it regularly and focus?

If so, do it regularly to exercise alone. With this method, your target for exercising will be increasingly achieved. For example, if you prefer cycling alone every morning, do it regularly.

If you are not a person who has high motivation to exercise independently, but must be with one or two friends, schedule to exercise with your friends who have the same motivation.

For example, if you only want to be with a few friends, you can exercise at home doing regular exercise movements from videos. But of course from videos by qualified gymnastics instructors, not just anyone who does regular exercise.

If you like exercising together with many new friends, choose exercise at the gym or zumba.

Some people will be more disciplined to exercise if they have classes or regular courses with the community. If you are the type of person like that, take classes in the gym around you, or take regular exercise with the community. For example, you like running with friends, follow the running community so you have the motivation to exercise.

Another thing you need to consider too

Reported on the Better Health page, there are some additional things you need to consider as well, namely:

    Be realistic when choosing the weight of your training later. If you are a beginner, adjust to your abilities. For example, if running 100 meters is very hard for you, try to walk fast. New then increase even more weight.
    Choose activities according to weather conditions in your place. Choose indoor exercise activities if the weather is not friendly, too cold or too hot outside.
    Choose more than one type of activity to prevent boredom. Mix with your core sports. In addition to preventing boredom, this can also train other parts of the muscles.