Do workout anywhere with Resistance Band

Your favorite workout can be done with or without equipment. Both of them have a good effect as long as it is done correctly. Well, one of the workout with the equipment that is being done is exercise with resistance bands. The reason is, this one exercise device is easy to use. What kind of movement can be done using resistance bands?

exercise movement with resistance band

Basically, there are no definite rules about exercise with resistance bands. However, not much different from other training, you can adjust the duration according to the condition of the body, for example already used to exercising or not. Make sure you warm up before doing exercise with resistance band.

Well, some movements with resistance bands that can be tried are:

1. Lat pulls

The first movement that can be tried is to pull both ends of the resistance band until the position of both hands is really straight up. This movement aims to train the muscles in the back and hands.


Stand in an upright position with both hands straight up. Hold the resistance band on both hands and pull each end completely straight.

While pulling the resistance band, make sure you put pressure on both hands until the hand feels tight. Repeat this movement 16 times.

2. Side step squats

The position of the squat is believed to be good for the glutes and thighs. For best results, when the body is half squatting, don't forget to push the butt to the back and hold your knees so that they don't move.


Position the body on the squat movement, which is a little squat and hold so that the buttocks position is pushed back. Then hold one end of the resistance band with both hands and step on the other end with your legs hip-width apart.

Do it until the resistance band is perfectly drawn and shaped like a rectangle. Repeat until 16 reps.

3. Perky cheeks deadlift

Still done while standing, you can do simple movements to train the strength of your waist, hands and feet.


With the foot position that is still the same as the previous movement, hold the end of the resistance band with both hands. Bend your knees slightly, then position your body down like you're bent. Ensure the position of the chest when bent straight, or easily parallel to the floor (see figure).

Keep your chest position straight and your stomach tight, even though it must be interspersed by straightening up. If the movement is done correctly, then you will feel a stretch on the back of the thigh every time the body position is down.

It is important to keep the spine straight together as you keep your chest aligned with the floor. Its function is to facilitate when going back to the starting position. Repeat up to 20 times.

4. Kick butt extension

Other movement choices that you can try by lying on your back on the floor or on a mattress. The goal is to maintain the flexibility of the legs, buttocks and hands.


Lay your body straight, and make sure your head and hands are on the floor. Hold the end of the resistance band while bending your arms. Then bend your right knee towards the chest, with the soles of the feet holding the resistance band (see picture one).

After the right foot is bent, replace it by straightening the right leg back up while pressing the elbow to the floor. Do not forget, to slightly lift the hips away from the floor to facilitate movement (see picture two). Repeat this movement in succession 20 times alternately with the left foot.

5. Resisted booty bridge

As the name implies, the resisted booty bridge movement is intended to tighten the buttock muscles to the feet.


Still in a lying position on the floor, but this time by bending both legs and opening it to hip width. Place the resistance band around the pelvis while pressing both ends on the hip side (see picture one).

Do the next position by raising the stomach up, so that the buttocks move away from the floor. When doing this position, make sure the abdominal, buttocks and hip muscles feel tight (see picture two). Repeat these two positions 20 times.