Bodyweight training movements you can do at home

Exercise at gym are loved by many people today. We know that fitness fans consist of various types of ages, ranging from young to old age. Not even a few people aged 45 years and over have started to participate in fitness, because they are aware of the condition of their health.

However, not everyone has a lot of time to practice at the gym. Aside from the fact that everyone's activities are different from one another, the distance between the gym and the home can also be one of the reasons someone finally chooses not to go to a gym.

So for those of you who really don't have much exercise time. Those of you who don't have much time to go to the gym because of your busy life, you actually can still do sports at home.

Even if you don't have fitness equipment like dumbbells and barbells, you can still maintain your physical fitness. Because if you want to be healthy, there is no reason not to exercise. Sport also doesn't take long to do it.

I myself have tried bodyweight exercises at home, and the results have proven to be good for maintaining physical fitness to stay fit.

There are several types of bodyweight training that you can try at home. Following are bodyweight training movements:

Ab wheel rollout

For a variety of bodyweight exercises, especially to form the abdominal muscles, you can try ab wheel exercises. Ab wheel is a variety of abdominal muscle exercises that are quite weighty compared to sit ups. There are many variations of ab wheel movements that you can try.

Pull up

  Pull up is a very good bodyweight sport to form your entire upper body. May I say, pull ups that are done routinely faster to build muscle than do push ups, because the challenges in pull ups are much greater. Pull up you can do in your own home.

Perform a pull up of 15 reps in 3-4 sets. Also read: 10 Variations in Pull Up Movements for Muscle Development. But if you don't have a pull up device at home, you can buy a door way gym bar. The tool is not expensive. Also read: Pull Up Exercise Tools at Home.

Push up

 Push ups are sports that are very easy to do, and push ups can be done without equipment / just by using a chair as an additional exercise. You can do push ups at home or in your boarding house. You can try push-ups with 20 reps and 3 sets.

Push ups form the muscles of the arms and chest muscles. There are many variations of push up exercises that you can apply.

Sit up

 Sit ups aim to form your abdominal muscles. You who don't have time to go to a gym, you can do sit-ups. Sit up 20 reps divided into 3 sets. Sit ups also don't need any tools to do it.

You can also try a variety of sit-up exercises, so that your abdominal muscles are more developed.


 Squat aims to build leg muscles so that your leg muscles are stronger and stronger. Squat mainly has a large effect to form the calf and thigh muscles. Strong legs will maintain the body's balance well. So, don't underestimate and skip squat training.

If you don't have time to practice, you can do foot exercises at home with a squat. Exercise 15 repetition squats in 3-4 sets. Squat also has many variations of practice.

Squat jump

Besides squats, you can try squat jump exercises. Squat jump is a more challenging squat exercise, because you are required to squat and jump. Thus, you also practice strengh as well as cardio training.