Beware of eating certain foods due to high calories

Social media makes current food trends more easily spread. In droves, many people began pioneering the food business today. Its delicious taste and attractive appearance make many people want to try it. However, behind all the current delights and food trends, high calorie and fat intake haunts the public.

Why is fast foods are high in calories?

Interesting food photos on social media make many people want to try it. Most of today's foods have a delicious taste, but unfortunately they contain lots of calories. Well, be careful for those of you who are maintaining weight, don't eat it too often.

Today's food usually contains many calories and is certainly not included in the healthy food group. This calorie can come from fat content as well as a lot of sugar in food. Yes, fat in food can make the food taste better.

According to research in the journal Physiology and Behavior, fat does have a distinctive taste that makes food more delicious. Research conducted by experts from Purdue University also explains that fatty foods have a better taste than fat-free foods. Foods that do not contain fat or contain only a little fat usually do not taste sharp, even tend to be tasteless.

So, this is the presence of fat in food which makes the dish hits you to be high in calories. Fat is the highest source of calories. One gram of fat can contribute around 9 calories. This amount is higher than carbohydrates and proteins that can only provide 4 calories of energy for the body.

Fat in good food

There are several components in fat that make food tastier. These components change the aroma and texture, so that the taste of food becomes more delicious.

1. Scent of food

Fat in food can help your body dissolve and concentrate the taste and aroma of food so that you can enjoy the taste of food more. Chemicals are released into the air by cooking heat, so you can smell the aroma of food first. Even before you eat it, you can guess that the food must be delicious.

2. Food texture

Fatty foods have a distinctive texture. For example, cheese that melts in your mouth, this creates a pleasant sensation in the mouth. In addition, fat also helps the taste of salt and other seasonings in the food more evenly and tastefully.

The presence of fat in food can also make you feel full faster. Yes, because fat can provide more energy to the body. This can then make the brain release hormones that make you feel satisfied after eating.

This sense of satisfaction can leave a pleasant impression of food after eating. So, it's no wonder that many of you prefer fatty foods like fried chicken, meatballs with and others compared to healthy foods without fat.