Be more active to lose weight and more recommended ways

Here are more ways to get rid of body fat quickly that you can do to immediately realize the ideal weight and captivate your dreams.

This article is a continuation of the previous article on how to lose the weight faster.

1. Consistently Wake up Early

There is a growing body of evidence that our body's natural internal clock or circadian rhythm can drive many of the body's biological processes, including weight maintenance.

Circadian rhythms tend to be synchronized during the day.

This is why research results, as quoted from page, state that shift workers tend to have higher rates of obesity and weight gain.

This is because their body clocks are out of sync (some time they get a night shift).

In fact, still on the same page, these shift workers have disturbed and prediabetic sleep cycles: the risk of obesity and leading to type two diabetes.

2. Get Rid of Digital Equipment When You Want to Sleep

The body's circadian rhythm seems to have an effect on weight management.

Is there anything else that can interfere with the circadian rhythm?

There is. That is the blue light from a digital device.

In some studies it is also said that the more often or more digital devices are used, the higher the risk of obesity.

There are two main reasons.

First. The more time spent in front of a digital device screen, the less time to play, move, or exercise physically.

Researchers also believe that blue light on digital devices can interfere with the body's natural internal clock.

A study found that using a blue light emitting device before going to sleep delay the release of melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep.

And this, the effect will be brought to the next night.

Of course, this will interfere with our program as a way to get rid of body quickly.

3. Don't Forget to Fill in 'Fuel'

Even though we are implementing a calorie deficit program as a way to get rid of body quickly, that doesn't mean we have to do it drastically.

Keep your body full of enough calories from the right nutrients. The main purpose is to keep our body burning fat properly.

Our body muscles need a combination of protein and carbohydrates to replenish energy stores and build new muscles.

In one study it was said, people who consumed 270 calories from 24 grams of protein and 36 grams of carbohydrates, after exercise they could lose about four pounds of fat and build more muscle than those who did not refuel the body with food consumption.

Likewise with the consumption of post-exercise food (protein and carbohydrates), this will greatly affect muscle recovery and growth. Remember, the more muscle the higher the fat burning.

In addition, eating after exercise can prevent us from overeating during the day.

4. Enough Eating

Many say, everything that is excessive will not be good in the end, and vice versa.

This also applies when our body has a calorie deficit because it wants to lose weight.

As mentioned in the previous point, creating a calorie deficit is good for fat loss.

But if done drastically or the body eats few calories, then it can interfere with our body's metabolism.

In these circumstances, the body will enter starvation mode, thus utilizing every available calorie by slowing down the metabolism.

Until one day, our body will feel a high appetite and can force our brains to eat more.

If it happens continuously, then this is the same as making our program useless.

5. Don't Sit Too Much

That is, we are required to move more actively.

Making the body work or move does not have to be done in the gym. We can do it in the office or at home.

When in the office for example, we are advised not to stay too long in a sitting position.

To keep the body active, try to stand up every time you pick up the phone, or go up and down the stairs every few hours so that our bodies keep moving.

These simple ways can also help our body to burn fat.

Don't believe it? Please prove it yourself.

6. Avoid Soda Diet

Diet soda or energy drinks can have an impact on the mental placebo, making us feel more energetic about activities because of the calories from the drink.

In fact, the calories in these drinks can be very large and contain high sugar.

Even if we continue to exercise after that (drinking), then it's pretty good.

But if you forget and do other things, then this can interfere with our fat loss program because in fact it can hoard excess calories in our body.

7. Try Consumption of Whole Grains 

However, calorie intake from proper nutrition is very important in weight loss programs.

For proper nutrition, why not try whole grains.

Recent research published in Plant Foods and Human Nutrition found that after 12 weeks, men who only ate whole grains could cut 1 inch of their stomachs. While those who consume refined grains do not lose weight.

8. Burn More Fat in the Morning

Doing exercise or training as the start of daily activities is said to be able to burn more fat, when compared to practicing after other activities.

When new rise from sleep, carbohydrates, is a choice of energy sources that are preferred by the body.

However, carbohydrates during waking up are still small so that our muscles will be forced to burn fat as fuel. This process is called ketosis.

9. Activities During Cold Air

According to research published in the journal Nature Scientific Reports, the body's cold temperatures can convert body fat from white fat to brown fat.

This fat can help us burn calories and burn fat quickly.

Although more research needs to be done, but this can be a recommendation that exercise when cold air may potentially burn more fat.

10. Drink Milk

Drinking milk is very important as a way to get rid of your body quickly.

Fresh cow's milk, for example, contains many important nutrients for burning fat, including vitamin D and calcium.

In addition, milk also contains high protein, where protein is needed for lean muscle.

That is why drinking milk (which contains high protein) is highly recommended to be consumed after exercise rather than other drinks.

11. Don't Forget, Read the Nutrition Label

Not only read nutritional labels in supplements, but on food in any packaging.

The study, published in the journal Agricultural Economics, found that people who read nutrition labels tend to be leaner than those who ignore them.

There is also evidence that people who thoroughly read nutrition labels, they will reject foods that do have higher calories.

12. Eat Nuts

The latter seems to be commonly known to dieters.

Protein is a must for us if we want to lose weight fast.

Protein sources are not only obtained from meat or egg whites, but can also come from nuts.

Nuts are a source of protein with low calories and fat.

Some types of nuts also contain high fiber.

If we are bored or satisfied with meat, then the right alternative to getting protein is from nuts.