Are you ready to follow 30 days workout challenge??

what should be done when doing 30 days workout challenges? Is it really effective to make the body fit and ideal body shape?

What is 30 days workout challenge?

The 30 days workout challenge is a challenge that is done to reach a particular target. This challenge is carried out consistently for the next 30 days, repeated, and continuously until certain abilities that you want can be realized and become a habit.

For example, a plank movement that you can make a challenge for 30 days. Starting on the first day maybe the challenge is done for just 10 seconds. Furthermore, in the following days the plank will be carried out with a longer duration. Until finally on the 30th day you can do a plank with a maximum duration of up to 3 minutes.

In essence, this challenge is done to make changes that are better, than those that cannot. From what can only be a little more.

There are many activities that you can make a challenge in doing 30 day sports challenges. The most often is the challenge to actively exercise or challenge to master one of the movements. Examples :

    30 day yoga challenge
    Challenge 30-day pilates
    30 day squat challenge
    Plank challenge 30 days

Why does it have to be 30 days?

Reported on the Verywell Mind page, several studies have been carried out to find out how someone can actually change and how long it will take to change it.

A study finally found that new habits take 2 weeks to 2 months to be imprinted in the brain. That is, if a new challenge you enter into your life during that time and is done regularly, you can get used to the challenge and it doesn't feel hard to do it again and again.

Therefore, this challenge is carried out for approximately 30 days. Rather than having to change drastically, doing challenges for 30 days slowly actually makes the changes made more certain.

Is this challenge sure to work and will be useful?

Success or failure of this challenge depends on the intention when doing this challenge. All successes return to the confidence of each person.

If done regularly, this challenge can successfully change. Movement that is done correctly for 30 days, will maximize the ability of the muscles to adapt and change. As a result, this continuous exercise will result in changes, for example becoming more muscle, less fat, stronger legs, and so on.

The first benefit of this 30-day challenge is that this can be the biggest boost to starting a change. This challenge gives you the opportunity to be able to fight your sense of inertia (the tendency to be difficult to change) by doing things from the easiest and repeated.

This consistent challenge is also made it easier for you to measure the changes that have occurred. This can be a motivation for continuing new habits in the long run.

If you do the 30 day sports challenge with friends, it will also provide more benefits. Because, you will have friends who aim the same in 30 days. This situation will make you more eager to keep moving so that you are not left behind and can achieve your goals.