Anabolic Cooking is your complete nutrition guide for muscle

The main reason so many people don’t succeed with their diets is because they focus all their attention on macronutrition and completely ignore micronutrition. Vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are just as important as protein, carbohydrates, and fats and disregarding them can hinder energy levels and even harm your overall health. When evaluating any kind of diet you should make sure that it concentrates on more than two specific food groups because it is next to impossible to acquire a wide range of nutrients without having a wide range of foods.

Since nutrition accounts for roughly 80% of the overall muscle building process it is vital that any beginning or advanced weight lifter fully understands the proper techniques involved in knowing what to eat and when. That’s where Anabolic Cooking comes in. This is a nutrition guide created by our friend and professional bodybuilder Dave Ruel (known to many as the “Muscle Cook”) aimed at building muscle through specially designed meal plans and recipes.

No one likes to admit that they are an amateur when it comes to dieting, especially after reading about the latest diet trend. But we must always keep in mind that, just as with a sport, dieting is a skill that must be learned over time with practice and hard work. If you start off assuming you know all the basics, you won’t have a chance of succeeding. Not to mention, if you have had an unstable diet for a long period of time you first need to get your nutrition in check before even thinking about more advanced methods such as carbohydrate-backloading. Starting a diet without correcting your deficiencies will only result in more frustration and lost opportunity.

We know we’re stating the obvious here but no diet on earth will work as long as you’re not actually on it. If it’s too difficult to follow through with a specific diet for the first three weeks, three months, or whole year that you are required to get results, don’t even bother starting it. If the meal plan you’re evaluating contains foods that disgust you or they include ingredients you can’t find or afford, the diet WILL NOT LAST. To have a successful diet you need to be able to follow it, at the very least, 90 percent of the time. Anything less won’t work. Some of the more advanced diets have a steep learning curve, so here the 90 percent method offers the ability to comfortably settle in.

However, this doesn’t mean a beginner can’t benefit from Dave’s instruction. The Anabolic Cooking guide is written in clear, simple terms where no advanced knowledge is required and is packed with excellent resources for the aspiring strength athlete such as shopping lists, food glossaries, and online cooking classes.