5 Best Reasons to Start Bodyweight Training from now!

If you often miss an exercise program to go to the gym for various reasons, then now you don't need to do it again. Because by using the Bodyweight Training or Exercise method, you can do exercises anytime and anywhere.

all that you can do with practice using the Bodyweight Training method. What kind of training is that? Bodyweight Strength Training is an exercise using body weight. So, you don't need any equipment to do it. With this exercise you will still get muscle, and make your body appear denser and tighter

Reason 1: Exercise Doesn't Have to Use equipments

Yes, maybe some of you consider the fitness world not only to drain time, but also to drain your rupiah sheet. Not to mention if you use personal trainer services, then every month of course you will spend more money to pay for it. This is what often makes you and other people lazy to wrestle and shape your body in the gym. The gym is indeed the most suitable place to quickly get a muscular body, but if you are worried because it can affect your finances, then you are wrong!

Not always forming a muscular and muscular body is only done in the gym. You can do it anytime and anywhere. You also don't need special equipment to train your body. Even if you want, you also don't need to leave home to do it.

Reason 2: Minor Risk of Injury During Exercise

Although there is always the possibility of injury if you do a movement with no caution, but by doing Bodyweight Strength Training, can reduce your chances of getting injured. When exercising using this method, you only need to hold your own weight and do simple movements and don't take much time. You can also burn fat throughout your body and maintain your muscle mass.

Reason 3: Everyone Can Try Bodyweight Strength Training

Most of those who are beginners in the world of fitness, often feel inferior to doing exercises in the gym. Minder because his body is not as strong as men who are practicing in the same gym. Not to mention they have to do weight training with too much weight, it will cause injury to those of you who are beginners. Ignorance of the correct training techniques at the gym, making beginners often missteps in doing the exercises.

But not when you use the Bodyweight Training Method. With this exercise, beginners can practice at home without worrying about having to do movements they don't know. Indeed, when using this exercise method, you can only rely on weight from your maximum body to train your body's muscles. Unlike the case when you are doing exercises while in the gym, you can choose the load that you will use for training. But for those of you who are preoccupied with time because of work, then this training method is the solution for you to get a body that stays in shape with better performance.

Reason 4: Many Variations in Movement

In carrying out Bodyweight Strength Training movements, progress made using many movement variants makes it more challenging. So, the Bodyweight Strength Training movement is not just limited to moving body weight like when you use a barbell or kettlebell. For example, if you do a push-up motion, for the first time you might be able to do push ups as usual. However, when you are tired of doing that, you can do variations, for example by using one-handed push ups.

Reason 5: Strengthen Relationships and Motivation

The reason why exercise uses the Bodyweight Strength Training method is to be maximal due to the enthusiasm of the participants. Bodyweight Training Training can support each other to spread positive attitudes, and continually motivate each other to keep implementing a healthy lifestyle without busy reasons and no time to practice.