The Joy of Eating Review: Successful Weight Loss Diet Secret

The Joy of Eating
The Joy of Eating is a comprehensive guide to a nutritional system developed by Petia Raeva that was designed to help people lose weight while still enjoying good food. The main principle of the weight loss system is to learn about FOOD SEPARATION. This means understanding how separating PROTEINS and CARBOHYDRATES in your meals can help you successfully lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. The trick is to prepare meals with these 4 principles in mind:

Principle One: Do not mix proteins and carbohydrates in a meal together

Principle Two: Eat your fruits separately, before or between meals

Principle Three: Drink liquids when you are hungry, but not during a meal

Principle Four: Keep an interval of at least four hours between every meal

The book goes into extensive detail on what these principles are and how they work and also what you can do to implement them easily into your own daily routine to create a whole new healthier lifestyle. Petia’s weight loss system is a combination of a nutritional formula for healthier eating and also a guide on changing your attitude towards food so the approach comes also from the psychological angle. The main goal of this weight loss system is to create a new lifestyle that encourages both a healthier body & mind.

The following is a breakdown of what each chapter contains with a short introduction and bullet points highlighting the main focus and content for your easy reference.

My Personal Motivation

In this introductory chapter Petia shares her own weight loss journey and the reasons behind creating the system. She developed her own successful nutritional system from extensive research when she had to deal with her own weight issues and also her feelings towards food were out of control.

She gained a lot of weight because she wasn’t eating correctly down to her chaotic work routine

After taking some resolutions at the end of 2009 she began searching for an answer to her weight loss problems

She began to research the subject and tried out some diets like Dukan’s and the

French diet to name a few and all these methods became the foundations for her own nutritional system

Through experimenting herself with all the information she researched Petia finally found a great combination that worked for her and therefore discovered her own system

Petia managed to lose 66 lbs through discovering a weight loss system that worked

She named it “The Joy of Eating” because it became a weight loss system

Food Combining

In this chapter Petia gives a brief history about this scientific approach to nutrition first developed by Dr. William Howard.

Dr. William Howard lost 22 kg and managed his health issues thanks to food separation

People in the past used to separate their food also because they didn’t always have the choice we do today

For example the Native Indians had meat only if there was a drought and usually had seeds, roots and fruit

Basic Rules and Principles

These four basic principles form the core foundation of The Joy of Eating system.

Principle One: Do not mix proteins and carbohydrates in a meal together

When eaten together proteins and carbohydrates are digested at different rates and conditions in the body. Carbohydrates need an alkaline environment and proteins need acid to break down. The time it takes also varies and constantly eating this way can cause your digestive system to overwork and can lead to weight problems and health issues.

Principle Two: Eat your fruits separately, before or between meals

When you eat another meal in combination with fruits, it stays in the stomach and fermentation begins as fruits lose their beneficial ingredients. As a result, carbohydrates ferment them and protein rots them forming acids and gases.

Principle Three: Drink liquids when you are hungry, but not during a meal

Drinking liquids while eating can unnecessarily expand the stomach and make you feel bloated and uncomfortable.

Principle Four: Keep an interval of at least four hours between every meal

Overeating can cause problems with the way you view food as something to replace other issues when you are feeling down or stressed. Avoid too much snacking on rubbish and keep meals separated.

The system is close to the methodology of the Mediterranean diet which includes a lot of seafood and healthy organic products

Petia wants to encourage people to avoid excessive junk food and chemically processed foods to go back to a more natural diet

Eating badly can be connected to many diseases and understanding what your body is telling you is key

You don’t have to be extreme and force yourself to eat things your body rejects or that you are used to

Moderation is key in helping to lose weight if you quit things like sugar your body will react harshly to it so gradually changing that will be better

Popular Diets

In this chapter Petia analyses a few of the most popular diets from an objective point of view and also a little of her experience with them. In this chapter Petia discusses:

The Atkins and Montignac Diet: Eating the right carbohydrates and fats and based on the glycemic index of foods

The Non-Carbohydrate Diet: Removing carbohydrates from meals

Health and Disease

In this chapter we see they key things necessary for better health and helping to reduce the risk of disease and sickness.

Get plenty of rest

Improve your mood

Have patience and reduce stress

Make good decisions and take responsibility

Love more

Obesity:The 21st Century Epidemic

In this chapter Petia explains through some of the medical and psychological factors involved in the obesity crisis many countries of the world are facing and the reasons behind it.

BMI (body mass index) explained

The importance of your body’s hormones like LEPTIN and GHRELIN known as the “hunger hormones” and ADIPONECTIN

Eating according to serving size: Portions in some countries like the USA are way over the top. The “All you can eat” attitude is a huge contributor to obesity

The Psychological causes of obesity: depression can cause food to be used as an emotional replacement for other mental issues as a way to punish or forget problems

The shocking statistics: 533 million people in the world are obese and 1.6 billion overweight. Morbid obesity has increased over 6 times in the last decade and children under 5 years old who are obese stands at 5 million

Types of obesity: Nutritional, Metabolic and regulatory

Tests you can do to help determine why you have weight issues: A comprehensive list of medical tests to define why you suffer with weight problems

Metabolic Syndrome explained: A disorder of the body’s metabolism which can cause obesity in some people

Glycemic Index explained: Glycemic index is a tool that indicates the level of blood glucose or blood sugar in people suffering from diabetes. It determines to what extent the level of sugar is increased in the blood after consumption of a particular food

Simplification of the Diet

In this chapter Petia talks about all the diet choices available out there and how some may be harmful to certain people. Not every diet is suitable for everyone. She talks about the importance of choosing a nutritional system that works for your own eating habits and encourages people to find their own variation of how you should eat.

Food Choice: sometimes the problem with diets is that it can force you to adhere to schedules and meal plans that are impractical or simply you don’t like. Petia encourages adapting a system to you own needs and likes

Small Tricks for Good Health and Nutrition: Eat when you are hungry, try not to overeat, serve a sensible portion, cook at home, don’t eat in your car or walking, avoid processed foods eat more natural like your grandma would have, stay away from food labelled low fat or light because it probably contains more sugar and additives, drink a glass of wine and finally reward yourself in moderation

How to manage your own daily eating plan

How to Eat Properly and Maintain the Lost Weight

This section is dedicated to small tricks to make sure you don’t slip back into a routine of unhealthy eating and junk food. It contains ways to make sure you keep the principles of the system in place to maintain a healthy weight without yo-yo dieting.

How to still enjoy treats whilst sticking to the system without having to sacrifice having fun in social situations

How to keep you old bad habits under control like controlling over indulgence and snacking on empty calories

The bad habit of drinking milk: The truth behind what it can do to your body

Sleep and obesity: The importance of good rest in your weight loss battle

Unusual Factors That Affect Diet

We all know that what you eat, when and even how can affect your diet and be responsible for weight loss, but did you know there are other factors involved? This chapter discusses the unusual factors that can determine successful weight loss.

The color of food can affect the human body: This section looks at various colors of food and their nutritional contents

Blood Types and Diet: The theory that your individual blood type can affect your diet is an interesting one. This section extensively explores the different types of blood in respect to what kinds of food you should eat and also personality traits of each blood type

Emotional Starvation and Diet

As well as biological factors one major part of successful weight loss and a healthy diet has to do with your emotions and how you feel towards food. Boredom, stress and depression can turn your eating habits into a huge problem and it’s easy to let them run out of control.

Dealing with insecurity and learning to love yourself: How changing the way you see yourself can completely transform your weight loss

Learn to boost your confidence and battle obesity

The Joy of Conscious Eating

The final part of the system and perhaps the most important is to learn to enjoy eating and let it nurture your body. Enjoy it in the sense of every bite fueling your body and mind not just empty pleasures. When you eat you should also surround yourself with friends who will nurture that feeling too. Or talk about the terrible things in the world

Avoid eating with work colleagues who complain about work constantly or talk about the terrible things in the world. The people around you can be toxic and undo all your hard work trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Surround yourself with friends who you can enjoy the experience of eating with you

Food is not an enemy. It will take time and patience but you can be sure this system will give lasting results if you stick with it and make it your new lifestyle goal

The system is not a diet…it’s a way of eating

About the Author

Petia Raeva is a single mother from Bulgaria who has suffered because of weight issues and has tried almost every weight loss method out there. She spent years of time, energy and money looking for the answer to help her take control over her weight problems and also her self-confidence issues. Because sometimes being overweight is not only down to your eating habits it is hugely psychological too.

The way you perceive yourself is one of the biggest obstacles you face in the battle for healthier weight loss. Petia realized this during her own weight loss journey and so in her book The Joy of Eating she focuses not only on what you eat but how you eat and your attitude towards food. She has combined both her knowledge and experience together into one complete system that is helping people all over the world take control and begin a path to healthier weight loss and inspire a whole new lifestyle.

The Joy of Eating is a #1 bestseller in Bulgaria and author Petia Raeva is now a successful restaurant owner in the capital Sofia where the menu follows her unique nutritional method of food separation. The Green Line Restaurant has tasty healthy meals and even delicious desserts that really put the joy back into eating. Petia also has an exclusive line of water and HIT natural dietary supplement for weight loss “Green Line” that can help you nurture your body to feel healthy and stay slim.