General Motors diet, how safe to follow it?

General Motors diet is a diet program for 7 days with a focus on eating certain foods and with certain portions. This diet method is very popular because it is claimed to lose weight about 6.8 kg within a week. Before you decide to do so, consider first full review below!

Initially the GM diet was originally designed for General Motors employees in 1985 in the United States. But then, the diet program that supposedly has been through testing at the Johns Hopkins Research Center is widely circulated among the public.

Guide to Running the GM Diet Program

GM diet method is very strict, where the dieters are required to follow the menu that has been determined every day for a week. The menu is dominated by vegetables and fruits.

Here are the rules of eating in the GM diet program:

    The first day
    GM dieters are only allowed to consume fruits. Portions are not limited to aliases as much as desired. All fruits are allowed except bananas. The most recommended fruit to be consumed on the first day of GM diet is melon fruit.
    The second day
    GM dieters are only allowed to consume vegetables, whether cooked or cooked vegetables raw. Portions are also not limited. The breakfast menu on the second day of the diet may be added potatoes, but only in small quantities.
    The third day
    GM dieters are only allowed to eat any fruit and vegetables except bananas and potatoes. Portions are also not limited alias in accordance with the desired.
    The fourth day
    GM dieters are only allowed to consume bananas and milk. The portions are limited, ie 6 large bananas or 8 small bananas, and 3 glasses of skim milk.
    Fifth day
    GM diet menu on the fifth day is two servings of meat, beef, chicken, or fish as much as 10 ounces or about 280 grams. In addition to meat, GM dieters are only allowed to eat 6 tomatoes. For vegetarians, meat can be replaced with brown rice or multi-purpose cheese (cottage cheese). Do not forget to add fluid intake with two glasses of water.
    Day six
    Eat 2 servings of meat and vegetables. The recommended meat is beef, chicken or fish as much as 10 ounces or 280 grams. Any vegetable type is allowed except potatoes. The portion of vegetables is not limited or as desired. For vegetarians can replace the menu of meat with brown rice or multi-purpose cheese. Do not forget to add fluid intake with two glasses of water.
    Seventh day
    The specified food menu is brown or brown rice, fruits, fruit juices, and vegetables. Portions on each menu are not limited.

Suggestions and Diets of GM Diets

Here are some other guides to complete the GM diet plan:

    Throughout the GM diet, it is advisable to drink 8-12 glasses of water a day to meet the needs of body fluids.
    Can not eat nuts during the GM diet, because peanuts claimed to contain high calories and can cause weight gain.
    Consuming coffee or green tea drinks is allowed, but without the addition of sweetener aka sugar. Soda, alcoholic beverages, and other drinks containing calories, are not allowed.
    If you are tired of regular milk, you can replace it with soy milk.
    To maintain weight after running this GM diet program, you are encouraged to eat foods low in protein and low in carbohydrates.
    This diet method does not encourage the perpetrators to exercise during the first three days of the diet program.

Review the Pros and Cons of the GM Diet

Basically, the way the GM diet works is to lose weight by creating a calorie deficit from eating low-calorie foods and foods that are claimed to be good for body detoxification. So, in addition to losing weight quickly, this method is believed to improve digestive function, get rid of toxins from the body, and increase the body's ability to burn fat.

In fact, GM's diet program also has some disadvantages. One of them is about the origin of GM diet program which until now has not been known for certain, also the absence of clinical research and accurate scientific facts that support the claim of the diet program.

GM diet is also not possible to do in the long term, because it does not include a balanced diet and tend not to follow a balanced diet with nutrition. This can be observed from GM diet foods that tend to be low in protein. In fact, protein is one important component that the body needs. Protein also helps the body to satiate longer and help you lose weight. In addition to low-protein, the GM diet also tends to be low in fat and other nutrients such as vitamin B12, iron, and calcium, in the first three days of diet.

The reduced weight with GM diet is also largely because the body loses a lot of water, not fat or calories. Thus, the weight loss that occurs temporary alias does not last long. Once the diet is over, it is most likely that weight will rise again when it returns to the usual diet.

Many people are tempted to do GM diet to lose weight in large enough quantities in just a week. But according to health experts, GM diet is not recommended because more weakness than the benefits.

The Dangers To Weight Loss

Extreme weight loss just makes you lose muscle, bone, and water instead of fat. In addition, a diet that is too much to cut calories and not offset by exercise can also cause the body's metabolism to be slower and make the body lack of nutrients.

Excessive weight loss can lead to gallstones, dehydration, nutritional deficiencies, and electrolyte imbalances in the body. In addition, also cause various complaints, such as headaches, fatigue, dizziness, constipation, mood changes, irregular menstruation, to hair loss.

Instead of focusing on the GM diet or other experimental diets that have not been clear scientific evidence, you better do a healthy diet program as recommended by a doctor of nutrition. The advice of health experts is weight loss gradually, at least 0.5 kg - 1 kg per week. Implementing a healthy diet combined with exercise is the best way to gain ideal weight that can last for a long time. If you have trouble determining a diet and a suitable diet program, you can consult a nutritionist.