Women's workout to help Lose Belly Fat rapidly

The new year is always synonymous with the new state, whether it's clothes, shoes, gadgets, even new vehicles also become something new in welcoming the new year. However, if a body that changes form into a new body, it must be something that is meaningful to those who have it, let alone the new ideal body and good looking to be seen.

Every woman of course desires a slim waistline, but not many of them know how to get the waist circumference as expected. But do not worry for you the women who want the shape of the stomach to look better we provide a solution.

As a starting position, rest your body on the mattress that has been available with the position of both feet and hands stretched on the left and right. Then lift your legs straight up parallel to the sky, as if your legs are flying in the air, this is the starting position. Swing your legs slowly to the left or right and then back again in the starting position. Do 15 reps 3set.

Floor Toe Reach

To start this movement is not difficult, you just do it like the first exercise movement, but the position that distinguishes between the two rests on your hands. This time both hands are docked straight in front of the view resembles with the position of both your legs. Then lift your head slightly, so that the position of the stomach is slightly less bending is offset by both hands that seem to be touching the tip of both your legs. Go back to the original position, do 15 reps 3 sets.

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Russian Twist

In this exercise is certainly not much different from the first exercise movement, but that distinguishes it is a different body swing. If at the beginning of both your swinging legs, this time your two hands will be swung.

Bend your feet with legs slightly open, then the position of both hands resembles a second exercise movement that is docked straight in front of you. Next lift your head slightly then swing it sideways to the left and back to the middle and put your body back to sleep. Then, raise your head back, but for this time you swing to the right and back again to the middle and laid back. Do 15 reps 3 sets on your left and right side.