Why feel sleepy after doing exercise??

Exercise has a myriad of good benefits, this activity when done well and correctly will also make the body feel more fresh and fit afterwards. However, some people complain of drowsiness after exercise. So, is this a normal thing? What caused it? Check out the answer in the following review.
The cause of sleepiness after exercise

After you finish exercising, the body should feel more fresh and vibrant. However, if what you feel is the opposite - ie, feeling tired and sleepy - this is basically still normal after sports. This is because the body has been working hard during the exercise. Quoted from the page Livestrong, there are some things that can cause you sleep after the sport, including:

    Rarely exercise and just starting to exercise regularly. The body will begin to adapt and respond as a fatigue that causes you to feel sleepy a few hours later after exercising.
    Blood sugar levels in the body are too low.
    The body is deficient in fluid or dehydrated.
    Extreme intensity of training that has never been done before.
    Excessive exercise, or so-called overtraining, will make the body easily tired that eventually cause you to drowsy. Even according to dr. Pauline Powers, a psychiatrist from the United States in his book Exercise Balance, states that exercise is too excessive can increase the risk of injury, bone loss, to cause some people suffer from eating disorders.

If you have been doing regular exercise for a long time but still feel tired and sleepy, you may experience some health problems. You may be at risk for anemia, hormonal problems, and problems with the metabolic system that make you feel tired and sleepy after exercise.

Also, check again how many hours you sleep each night. The reason, lack of sleep can also be the cause you experience this. The National Sleep Foundation recommends sleeping for 7-9 hours for adults, to prevent you from feeling tired and sleepy after exercise.
Then, what can be done to overcome this?

To overcome this, it's good to do sports regularly. Because the fatigue that eventually can cause drowsiness will fade if the body has managed to adjust and accustomed to exercise. Over time, exercise can increase your energy, not reduce it.

A study from The University of Georgia Research Magazine says that regular exercise can add significantly more energy in the fight against fatigue. In fact, people suffering from health problems can experience increased energy when exercising regularly.

In addition, pay attention also to always fill the energy of the body before starting a sports session with pre-exercise food and enough fluid consumption. The goal is to stabilize blood sugar levels that prevent the body from experiencing fatigue. Eat foods with high carbohydrate content, adequate protein, and low fat approximately 3 hours before exercise.

If all this has been done but you remain always sleepy after exercise, check your health and consult a doctor. Your doctor can provide the right diagnosis as well as a guide or treatment to address your problem.

Apparently, sleep and exercise are interrelated

According to Alon Avidan, a professor of neurology and director of the UCLA Sleep Disorders Center, is actually a routine exercise well to improve sleep quality. This is also reinforced by research that states that people suffering from insomnia begin to sleep soundly after 4 months of exercise routine.

If you want a good quality sleep, at least do regular exercise for 3-4 times a week with a duration of 30 minutes. It is much better than if you exercise once a week for 2 hours. The reason, when you do regular exercise then the heat in the body will increase and slowly gradually cool for several hours after the activity is completed.

When a decrease in body temperature reaches a stable level, the brain will receive a signal that causes the body to feel sleepy and need to sleep. Once awakened later, you will feel refreshed again.