Using swiss ball for women to build sixpack

Generally women are happy with an entertaining, challenging and fun exercise program. If you are bored with a conventional abdominal workout program, try innovating your workout program with a type of entertaining practice, such as using the Swiss Ball.

This exercise program is quite unique and challenges you to get a new sensation, especially in maintaining the stability and flexibility of your body. In addition, this exercise can certainly shape your stomach performance into slim and plaid.

Swiss Ball or we are familiar with large-sized rubber balls available with several sizes, often found in the gym or in the homes. Swissball has good benefits for your practice. In addition to forming body flexibility, rubber ball is also used to train the stability of your body during practice. Here are tips abdominal exercise using a unique ball that is very popular by the women:

This pattern of practice, essentially the same as you do crunch in general. But the advantage of this swiss ball exercise is the comfort level and safety for your backbone structure that is maintained due to the bending nature of the ball. Here you will be more focused on the contraction of the abdominal muscles to be trained.


    Lie on the swiss ball, fold your arms and place them in front of the chest. Set the balance of your body with a balanced footstep.
    After the position is ready, take a breath then bend your stomach to the fore followed by exhaling the body while bending. After that return to its original position.
    Feel the contraction in the middle abdomen, or upper abdominal. Do as many as 3 sets with the number of reps 15 - 25 reps.

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Target muscle: Abdominal.

Ball Jacknife

Next is Ball Jacknife. Before you begin, consider the instructions we provide. For this exercise, it may seem a bit complicated if you do it carelessly.


    Arrange the position of the movement by invert your body and the attitude of both hands support the body and both feet placed just above the swiss ball. In this position, your strength is focused on both hands as well as the balance of the foot on the ball.
    Next take a breath and pull the ball by freezing your knee.
    Hold for a moment and exhale when the legs are straightened again.
    In addition to abdominal exercises, this movement also train other muscles such as muscle strength of the hand consisting of deltoidz muscle, bicep, triceps, forearm. As well as the muscles of your legs and hips. Do as many as 10-15 reps in 3 sets.

Target muscle: Lower Abs, Legs, Glute, Forearm.

Ball Leg Raise


    Lay down your body on the floor, then pinch / swiss ball with both feet.
    Next use the ball as a load and then pull upwards. After reaching the top position, welcome with both your hands preparing to aim it down or over your head.
    After that, end 1 repetition movement by passing the ball back to the foot and then pinch and drop it down as you start the movement.
    Perform 10 reps in 3 sets.