Training for women for better abs

Tightening the sagging abdominal area, it has become a mandatory duty for a postpartum mother. Moreover, anxiety belly bulge always haunt if not resolved as soon as possible. One of the common efforts of mothers is to re-routine gym activities by focusing the exercises on the abdomen.

You do not have to be afraid or anxious if the stomach condition does not reverse as before. The most important thing is to restore the condition of your postpartum first, until the doctor recommends back to exercise. Do exercise regularly with the intensity is not too heavy. Expand the number of cardio and repetitive activities performed repeatedly. Here are simple exercise tips that can help to tighten the abdominal area, just like you were before giving birth.

Lie down on the mat by tucking your hands behind your head, then bend your knees like the angles of your elbows. To start the movement, lift your head and knees across as if you want to touch. If the right elbow lifts, then the left knee should be lifted, and vice versa. As the name implies, the sit-up attitude of the air bike is done as you pedal a bicycle foothold. To get a significant result, do 12-15 reps on each side of the foot as much as 3 sets.

For the next movement, you simply lie relaxed on the mat. Then attach the palms of the hands parallel to the head with the attitude of the hands straight and both legs bend. Lift your head slightly with both hands and withdrawal. To perfect the movement, hold for a moment when the stomach begins to bend. Feel the contractions on the upper abdomen, then do 12-15 reps in 3 sets.

Many people complain about how to tighten V-abdominal. One technique is to do leg raises. It may be fairly easy, but if done enough to make the contraction your lower abdomen so tight.

You do not have to worry or hesitate. Do it by lying on a mat on the body and on both hands. Then lift your legs together until it is perpendicular. Then lower it slowly, with a note not touching it on the floor before the number of reps is met.

Indeed, while raising or lowering your legs, your body position will be a little shake and shift. To work around this you can cross your arms behind your waist or hold the mat you are sleeping on.

Still stay on the mat with the same targeted abdominal muscles. If your previous legs are lifted simultaneously straight. This time both legs are lifted by freezing on both knees. Then push it back straight, but do not touch it on the floor, before the number of reps is met.

The next exercise is done to tighten your side stomach area. As for how to do it is to bear a tool in the form of a stick right at the shoulder. Then move it by tilting it to the left and to the right, with the position of the waist remains static or not following the transverse body rocking. Calculate your reps as many as 12 reps 3set.