Ten ways for getting motivated to exercise

You know that exercise is important. But motivating yourself to be diligent exercise is very hard. The best way to stay motivated is to familiarize yourself with regular exercise schedules. When you think that you will be exercising tomorrow, you need to get out and do it right then. Here are some ways to stay motivated.

1. Set a reasonable goal

The ultimate goal of your sport, such as "lose weight 10 kg", may seem too impossible for now, especially when you're new to sports. "Beginners usually want maximum results, but they tend to be overwhelmed," says Gerald Endress, a sports psychologist at Duke Center for Living in North Carolina. So, do not force to exercise for 1 hour per day. Instead, make goals that are more reasonable and affordable by our ability, such as exercising 2 to 3 times a week for 20-30 minutes.

2. Monitor your progress

Make a note of your sport, either in an online journal or in a notebook. Seeing progress like running faster, doing more repetitions, or increasing intensity in sports can make you want to continue more.

3. Eliminate the guilt

Be realistic. You will definitely miss a few times the exercise schedule. If you know that you will definitely "skip" exercising 1-2 times, your mental will be better prepared to accept it, instead of making it a reason to give up.

4. Focus on yourself

There will always be someone who is fitter, faster, or more flexible than you. Do not compare yourself to them, says Endress. Forget them. Do not let them block you from your goal. Your sports time is for you and about you.

5. Use an animation group

Look for people, friends, family, spouse, coworkers, or neighbors, who will encourage you to move on. Ask them to keep doing it.

"The person must be supportive, not humiliate in words like, 'why can not you do it? It's very easy, "said Carla Sottovia from Cooper Aerobics in Dallas. When motivation turns into criticism, warn your friends that you do not need a nagging.

6. Search for fun workout

If you can not be motivated, you may be doing the wrong activity. Or maybe you used to like it but it's now boring. Choose the activity you love the most, and the sport will be something you've been waiting for. Remember, exercise should not always be in the gym. Maybe you'd better go mountain or swim, run around the complex while greeting the neighbors, or join a dance class.

7. Starting from 7 minutes

Force yourself to exercise for only 7 minutes. When you're done, ask yourself, do you still want to go? If not, you can do several small sessions throughout the day, compared to one long duration exercise.

8. Flexible with time

When you're too busy, do not spend 30 minutes on the road to the gym. Use exercise videos on YouTube from home only. If you are too tired to exercise at night, use your alarm to wake up and exercise early.

9. Forget the past

Maybe you are not the most athletic child in school, and always a laughingstock in sports lessons. It's a long time ago. Your goal now is not to get a good report card or to attract the attention of the class in the classroom. You = exercise to stay healthy so you can enjoy your life.

10. Give yourself a gift

Give yourself an award for having done sports. Choose gifts like new clothes, massages, new songs, video games, whatever you want to enjoy.