Recommended workout & exercise if you're suffering from knee pain

Pain in the joints and knee pain is a major obstacle for those who love cardio exercise. Moreover, cardio exercise is very close to the movements that suppress the whole joints, including the legs and your knees. Do not worry, you can still continue the cardio exercise habits despite knee pain, you know! What are some cardio exercises that can be done and how to do it to be safe for knee pain? Check out the full review below.

Can you exercise cardio during knee pain?

According to dr. Willibald Nagler of Cornell Medical Center in New York, exercise is the best treatment to relieve chronic knee pain, as reported by the Prevention page. The reason, exercise can strengthen the muscles around the joint that can reduce the pressure on the knee.

The good news, ankle or knee injury will not prevent you from doing cardio exercise. In fact, cardio training can actually help healing wounds by flowing blood cells containing oxygen to the diseased area.
The type of cardio exercise that is right for you who is knee pain

Although exercise is beneficial for maintaining the health of the knee, you can not just do cardio exercise. You are required to follow certain techniques so that your knees are not getting sore. Well, here is a kind of good and safe cardio exercise for you who have knee pain problems, including:
1. Pool

For those of you who love sports pools, this includes good news for you. Because the pool became one of the best cardio exercise that does not burden the knee work. Swimming with butterfly or backstroke style, for example, can help burn calories significantly while also training all the major muscles in the body, especially the abdominal muscles and chest muscles.

In addition to the two swimming styles, you can also choose a free style that can help burn 100 calories more than jogging. In essence, whatever style you do when swimming equally helps to strengthen the muscles throughout your body.
2. Electric bicycle elliptical

Even with knee pain, you can still exercise cardio using an elliptical electric bike. Although it involves the movement of a bicycle, it is good to minimize injuries to the knees, back, neck, and hips as long as you do not release the footrest to the electric bicycle pedal.

This tool is useful to increase heart rate and of course make you sweat. Any stroke that you do can increase your endurance, without making your knees getting sick.
3. Rowing

This one sport definitely does not involve the strength of your knee. Yes, rowing is one of the best cardio exercises to burn calories without putting pressure on your knee joint. Not only train the muscles of the body, rowing sports will also maximize the core strength of the heart organ whenever you pull the oar with all the strength.
4. Cycling

This one sport definitely involves the strength of the knee and the rest of the foot. Cycling sports are safe and do not make your knee pains inflamed, increasing your flexibility and knee strength. This is supported by the American Arthritis Society which says that some cases of knee injury and osteoarthritis can gradually improve with cycling.

However, be sure not to put excess pressure on your knee by avoiding uphill streets. Position the bike seat slightly higher to reduce the pressure on your kneecap.

If you want to do cardio exercise with low intensity, try with step-up movement. Here you need the help of a sturdy chair or bench with a certain height before starting this movement.

First, move your right foot to the bench, then push your body upwards using the buttock muscles so that the legs are completely straight and the left leg is lifted off the ground. Slowly lower your body until your left foot touches the ground, followed by the right foot. Repeat 10 times to burn more calories.