Optimize the workout by avoiding these habits

Maybe you've often heard things that are not recommended to do after you finish exercising. But did you know if there are some rules that are also prohibited during sports? No, this is not a scary thing. Just aim to make your sport more effective.
What are the rules that are prohibited during sports?

Exercise has many benefits for health and fitness. In order to get optimal results, you are encouraged to warm up and cool down before and after exercise. But it turns out, not only that. There are many unconscious things you do that make exercise ineffective.

 So before you plan to exercise, make sure you do not do the following:
1. Exercising during injury

When you're at work, sometimes you feel a mild pain. This is normal during sports. However, if the pain you experience is disturbing even leads like an injury, do not be ignored.

It's better to stop your sport for a moment to see what then the pain is gone. If the pain persists, you are advised to stop the sport to avoid any worse injury. Forcing yourself to keep exercising when the injury only makes your health condition worse.
2. Following other people's 'style' of sports

When you're sport, especially in a crowded place like a park, a field, or a gym. Most likely you will meet many people with various sports techniques performed. Since it is rare to exercise, you may imitate other people's sports styles and techniques around. And actually this can make your sport so not maximal. The reason, the imitated technique is not necessarily right for you, even if the person you are imitating is seen to have an athletic body.

Doing observations is a good way for you beginner, but keep in mind that the way that works on others is not necessarily so on your body. Instead, learn or ask people experienced in their fields, such as personal trainers.
3. Too cool with gadgets

Playing a gadget is something that is prohibited while sporting. Because you will lose a lot of time when you are too focused on the gadget. We recommend that you keep the gadget and keep away from the desire to check it, do not lose focus on the sport you are doing.

4. So the event get-togethers

Of course fun to meet with friends while you're exercising. Just shaking hands, greeting, and questioning may not be a problem. But that does not mean you can extend the chat.

Stay focused, let your body burn all the fat piles first. You can continue the chat when you both have finished exercising.
5. Forcing sports despite being sick

Always take note of your health condition during exercise. If you feel dizzy, nauseous, or not in good shape for exercise, you should stop the exercise.

Resting is the best choice back then. Avoid over-imposing yourself in practice, be sure to keep your health as number one priority.
6. Forget drinking water during sports

When exercising the body will lose a lot of fluids, then you are advised to prevent dehydration by always consuming water every few minutes. Especially when the weather is hot. A fluid-deficient body can trigger the appearance of diseases such as dizziness, abdominal cramps, and nausea.

Obviously your goal is to exercise healthy body, do not let the lack of fluids prevent you from getting a healthy body