Morning exercise vs night exercise?, you to choose

Dense activities at school, on campus, or at work, sometimes make our time to exercise a little. In fact, at least the time for an adult to exercise is 150 minutes in five days or about 30 minutes a day.

Many people suspect, the healthiest exercise is when there is exposure to the morning sun, because many give our body vitamin D, in addition to air in the morning is also more fresh. But, what if there's no exercise time in the morning, and the only time we have at night?
The benefits of morning exercise

Professor of Applied Sport Science, Lara Carlson, Ph.D. from the University of New England, says morning exercise has benefits for you who want to lose weight or improve health.

As quoted, Lara said exercise in the morning beneficial increase physical activity daily.

"It also revitalizes the body's metabolism, so the calories in the body will burn more. Blood pressure can be more stable and your sleep time at night can be more sound, "said Lara.

Exercise in the morning also helps you to form more consistent exercise habits, according to Cedric Bryant, PhD from the American Council on Exercise. But Bryant also recommends that you warm up longer because your body temperature is relatively lower in the morning.

Benefits of late afternoon sports or evening sports

Exercise at night, according to Laura, the benefits are to increase the activity of enzymes and muscle functions, and helps relax the body after a day of work.

In theory, according to health experts.  nighttime exercise is more effective for muscle formation. Michael also explained, sports at night can help sleep problems like insomnia. "Origin done right and intensity in accordance with the capacity of our bodies. The body will be dehydrated and we become difficult to sleep when exercise is excessive, "said Michael.
Which is healthier?

In the end, all will come back to the benefits you want to get yourself. Want it's night or morning, depending on you. According to the American Heart Association, in the end it will all depend on four things:

    type of sport
    social settings, such as whether you are working alone or with a friend

If you are not a person who can get up every day, maybe sports in the afternoon or evening will be better for you. Thus, you do not just turn off the alarm every morning and exercise plan was just a discourse. If you like to exercise alone, then choose the time or place where you can exercise alone. Vice versa. Basically, exercise will be useful if you can do it consistently with routine. Therefore, choose a time where you can do it consistently easily.

That should be noted if you prefer the sport of the night

Sports specialist, if you do not have time to do the morning exercise, actually exercise late afternoon is not a problem for health.

"Those who do not have time to exercise in the morning, just had time at night, will be much better than those who do not exercise at all. Now, right, there are many sports that run night in  It does not matter, "

Although legitimate exercise at night, Andi suggested that not exercise too late, because it can interfere with sleep and affect the quality of your sleep. When finished exercising too, you should not go to sleep. Give a 1-1.5 hour time gap between your exercise time and your bedtime.

When exercising at night, do not forget to also warm up. When finished, we still need to do cooling and stretching, do not go straight to sleep.

In principle, either in the morning or at night, when exercising do not exceed the limits of ability and body condition. If you are not accustomed to exercise, start exercise by doing a light physical activity.