More about Metabolic Stacking used by Workout Finishers

So what's exactly the Metabolic Stacking, have you heard about this method??, no need to feel complicated and confused. well its time to find out more about this Metabolic Stacking method in this article, keep on reading.

the Metabolic Stacking is a unique system used by Workout Finishers training and is introduced by Mike Whitfield that consist of Active Recovery, density, Set and Rep Schemes, and rest methods strategy inside his workout program.

So let's analyze those four important elements shall we?

Active Recovery, instead of doing nothing in your rest time when doing training, the active recovery method will put your body under pressure to optimize fat burning.

density, it refers to when someone performs more than one exercise at the same time. You can see the goal here? yes, it's great for its effectiveness for the body training. the popular training that follow this patter ins the phenomenal tabata training protocol.

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set and rep schemes, everybody loves variation in training, and that what makes the training inside Workout Finishers program are fun to do, hence, forget doing your ordinary and boring cardio for fat burning. Note that variation in body training is also important to boost body muscle and also to burn fat storage faster.

rest methods strategy, mike in his Workout Finishers program will show you the best and correct method to do rest between the training you do, so you can expect faster fat loss strategy for your training.