More about CrossFit workout and its variations

CrossFit is a range of functional motions performed at constant high intensity. All CrossFit exercises are based on functional movement, and these movements reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, walking, rowing, and more, as described on the CrossFit website. This activity is done by moving the weight as much as possible by the distance as far as possible, so they are ideal for maximizing the number of exercises done in a short time. The more exercise or expenditure, the more intense the effort will be. By using an approach to exercise variations, functional movements, and intensity, then this exercise makes a huge profit in fitness.

Tips for trying CrossFit exercises

If you have never tried CrossFit before and want to make sure that this is the right exercise for you, here are some tips to stay safe in doing so:

    Go to different gyms. Talk to the trainer to find out completely what the purpose of the exercise is. Most CrossFit gyms offer free introductory classes, it's time to meet your future CrossFit trainer.
    Be sure to make your coach know if you ever have an injury before trying to do the exercises. If you've had a serious injury, it's good to talk to your doctor before deciding to join this high-intensity program.
    Before trying this exercise, you should have a basic understanding of general fitness as well as the scale of the exercise. The training scale is much discussed in the CrossFit culture, which means you as a beginner can not lift as heavy a load as those who have been following this practice for years. This also applies to know the intensity and when your body has reached its maximum capacity.

Types of CrossFit

CrossFit's main practice involves the whole body, including pushing, pulling, walking, rowing, and squatting. There are actually hundreds of different types of CrossFit exercises, but one example is:

    Power clean. Pull the barbell from the floor and bring it to the front of your shoulders using strength and speed.
    Burpees. This is the only weight training that involves starting positions with a standing position, then falls quickly to the floor and performs a push up, then again stands up to the Squat position and jumps straight up explosively.
    Snatch. Lift the barbell quickly from the floor directly to the top of your head with your arms clasped straight.
    Thruster. This exercise begins by standing upright holding the barbell in front of your shoulders. Then squat to the point where your thighs are parallel to the floor, then back up again by lifting the barbell over your head.

Other examples are variations of push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups. This exercise also often uses kettle bells, medicine balls, climbing ropes, jump ropes, and rowing machines.

CrossFit WOD (Workout Of the Day)

Some WOD are usually named specifically with female names or military hero names. WOD changes daily and it consists of many types. WOD is very demanding everyone to do it. Here is one example of WOD contained in the official website CrossFit:

    Barbara. It involves five sequences of 20 Pull-ups, 30 Push-ups, 40 Cots, and 50 Squats done in sequence, and you can only rest at the end of each circuit for 3 minutes.
    Angie. It involves the accumulation of 100 Pull-ups, 100 Push-ups, 100 Sit-ups, and 100 Squats during the entire exercise (this is not done consecutively unless you are fit enough to do so).
    Murph. Involves running with a count of 1.5 km, followed by 100 Pull-ups, 200 Push-ups, 300 Squats, and ending with a 1.5 km run.
    Jackie. Involves 1000 m Row, 50 Thruster, and 30 Pull-ups (preferably without rest between exercises).

This program can be done in two ways, either by own practice or through CrossFit . WOD can be done at almost any gym or at home, if you have the equipment.