Make your workout more fun with music

Music seems to have become part of our lives. Some have started listening to a song since waking up from sleep, some are listening to the song while on the way from home to work and vice versa. Some songs can also pump the spirit, so many people are always listening to music during sports. But it turns out the influence of music when sports are not just give encouragement only.

What is the effect of listening to music during exercise?

A study of the influence of musical tempo on the sport, conducted for 10 years by a music and sports expert from Brunel University, Costas Karageorghis. He revealed that choosing a song for a sport with the right tempo, can increase the positive influence of the sport itself, improve movement efficiency during exercise, and strengthen your endurance in exercising.

This study also found that music with a fast tempo, would be more appropriate with a sport that has a high intensity. Here are some things that happen when you listen to a song while exercising:

Feel more positive

Music can make you feel more positive even in circumstances that require you to fight very hard. Most athletes still feel nervous when going to a race. When they listen to music, this can reduce this nervous feeling up to 10 percent. Like you feel you've been cycling for 40 minutes, when you actually have been biking for 60 minutes. Music helps you hinder the nervousness that arises.

Stabilizes heartbeat after exercise

After doing a sport, usually your heart rate will increase. Listening to songs for a slow-paced sport will reduce your heart rate after a workout of up to 90 beats per minute. Slowly your condition and strength are also recovered and safe to continue other activities.

How to choose a song for the right workout?

Here are some requirements to determine a song that suits your sport:

    Start with a slow tempo. The slow tempo will not spend too much of your energy, it will actually calm you down before you start the sport. Especially when the song for the sport has the arrangements and lyrics that motivate.
    Adjust the heart rate. Music that has a matching tempo, at least just five percent faster than your heart rate, will make your sport more optimal.
    In accordance with the rhythm of the sport. This technique will help you control your movements, thereby reducing the wastage of oxygen stores in the body, which you actually need during exercise.

What to watch out for when listening to music while sporting

Often listening to a song that is too tight with earphones while exercising can make your ears become more sensitive, especially after doing high-intensity exercise. In some cases, your focus is actually shifting to a song for the sport you are listening to, compared to the sport you are currently doing. This condition can be life threatening if you do it while you are crossing the road on the sidelines of jogging. If when you use your earphones so you can not hear a friend calling you, you should immediately reduce the volume of your music.