Interval training, its benefits to slower aging process

It's no secret, exercise has many health benefits. Starting from maintaining fitness, prevent overweight, to prevent various diseases. Well, recently the latest research to prove that certain types of sports can make younger. Well, what kind of sport, huh? Here's the answer.

Sport that can make ageless

According to a study in the journal Cell Metabolism, interval training can delay the aging process in humans. Interval training itself is a type of exercise that combines intense physical exercise with moderate to mild physical exercise. For example, you sport brisk walking but interspersed with intense jogging as well.

In the study, the experts divided the study participants aged 18-80 years into three major groups. The first group is asked to do interval training. Meanwhile, the second group performs endurance exercises. The latter group performs a combination of interval training and endurance.

After twelve weeks of regular exercise, the three groups showed improved fitness. However, the first group to do interval training seems to benefit the most.

According people who heads this research, there is a special reason why interval training can make younger ages. Apparently the most powerful interval exercise encourages the cells in the body to produce more protein, especially in the 65-80 years old. This protein is responsible for replacing damage to cells due to aging. With this exercise, the damage that occurs to cells can be "fixed" more quickly so that cells will be more "youthful" in the longer term.

Benefits of interval training

In addition to making ageless, interval training also offers a variety of benefits for the body. Compared to endurance exercises (such as push-ups or squats), a study published in March 2017 shows that interval training works better in improving insulin work. Insulin itself required the body to process the sugar in the blood so the source of energy. This means people who regular interval training can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes or diabetes.

Interval training also proves very good for the elderly (elderly). Based on the observations by dr. Sreekumaran, this exercise can increase the body's ability to produce 69 percent more energy in elderly study participants. While in young people, the body's ability to generate energy increases as much as 49 percent.

Where to start?

Do not wait until you enter old age just start the interval training. The younger your routine interval exercise, the better. You can start with the following tips.

    Prepare a timer to mark the interval of intense workout, moderate exercise, and light exercise.
    The ideal time interval to intersperse the exercise intensity is 20-60 seconds.
    When you choose to run on a treadmill, start with 40 seconds of slow running. Then add speed within 20 seconds. Slowly lower your running speed for 40 to 60 seconds.
    If you choose to run outdoors, start by running on a flat road. Then slowly, select the running track there is a hill or derivative. Then end your running session on a flat road again.